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Wednesday, February 1st, 2017
8:56 pm


In the beginning, the vibration
In the beginning, the spark indwelling
In the Beginning, the seed of pleroma is planted in every heart
Everywhere I go I hear the sound
Eastern circles, Western circles
Every circle-
The Guru brings Light From Dark
The Guru is the spark, the star; infinite, eternally small
Self born of self
Spark born of fire
I bow to the feat of the Guru
The inner Teacher, Center, Lynchpin
Amrita flowing, siddha, shaktipat
Gnosis in waves of bliss
Guru OM!
The universe and the Teacher are One
The Atman and the Guardian Angel are One
The Hadit-star, Kether, Brahma are ONE
And all are OM
From the four quarters I come
To the center I come
In the Heart of All I become the Heart
The Heart of Jesus, Buddha, IHVH, Allah, Gaia, Nuit, Shiva, Kali…
All is OM
OM IS the Guru
I look up into the Face of Guru
Of God
Of Anatta
The Vidya; There is no God but HuMan
That god is Guru
Guru is
It is said that one who daily chants OM
As a spiritual practice
Will achieve liberation
There is the key
In front of us
A quiet jewel
In the middle of each lotus
Shri Guru Om
Guru Om
Friday, January 27th, 2017
10:29 pm
New Moon Banishing of the Dark Regeime

New Moon Banishing

The cock has crowed
The sun rises in fiery glory.
Rays of power and scintillating light
pierce the dark clouds
Chasing the shadows away;
The sound of thunder, the flash of lightening
The pounding of the feet of Kali
The circle of blood drops flying from her hair
As she spirals and spins and laughs;
Send the Monsters flying!
Spin the swords in the morning light!
Banish the sorrow and fear and angst and regrets
Fill body.mind.spirit with strength to fight
Laugh and send the snarling shadows fleeing!
Unite and chase the evil from your self, city, country!
Slap your palms in the sacred way,
shout the mantras, chant the spells! Avert! Avert!
Do the Work of the Way, of the Wyrd,
The Work Witchcraft and the Wave of Resistance!
Enough with the hand wringing,
The clinging and covering
the crying and cowering;
The Evil Ones seized power,
the dark megalomaniacal dissolute atavisms
on twisted trunks of bloody thorns!
They emerged from the putrid darkness
They rise and rise,
watered with fear and anger
and racial memories of tribal wars unending.
Banish the lot!
Send the laser beams your magicks against the storm!
Lightening meets lightning,
typhoon slams tidal wave;
We call up with one voice!
Millions of marchers, chanters, dancers, workers
Glowing human beings, spirits, elementals and ancestors
All beings of the earth and sky, of the light,
of justice and freedom
The bones under our feet resist the coming evil!
They SHAKE They rise! They grind and groan –
not again, never again- these bastards must GO!
Out tout
Throughout and about
All good come in,
All evil stay OUT!
As the stars bathe us in the banishing light
The hum of our energies and egregores and circles of power
rise rise rise and banish the hate, the fear,
inside our body, our mind, our spirit
We are beyond all these!
We call forth the power of Truth and Justice
The ebony glittering Goddess of Balance
She known by countless names and faces,
O Themis, Maat, Kali, and all goddesses of TRUTH
Banish banish banish that which restricts us!
The illusions that entrap and bewilder us!
The helplessness and hopelessness
that is the greatest curse of the Evil Ones!
We are one with you!
We are far from powerless!
We laugh and love and rock our world with TRUTH power
and out fall the worms and rot and detritus of the Old Aeon
Withered scared old white men,
blowhard clowns of sharp teeth and bloody hands,
the haters, the small people, the sharp jagged lost souls
The sad ones seeking something knowing not what
Fill them all with Light!
Let the shadows flee howling!
The scared, the deluded,
the sad and lonely and misinformed
We all bathe in the light of the great enveloping flame of Truth!
We all bathe in the blood of the Dark Moon Mother
May all illusions fly from us!
We bathe in the love of The Lady of Balance and Compassion
Filled with Love, all shadows flee!
We shall not win in the future,
We have won NOW
For we are Truth and TRUTH prevails!
This is the rune, the spell, the magick!:
A whirlwind of banishing
and love and will and truth
now spins outward
From every awake and aware soul!
All evils and bigotries and restrictions
and horror and cruelty
dissolve in the rays
flying from our solar selves
Our black moon selves
Our formless fire of spirit selves!
Nigrae lunam Invictus!
Sol Invictus!

-Nu Moon 1/2017- under the evil shadow of a new regime
Monday, January 23rd, 2017
10:49 pm

Invocation of HHVY- Hamaliel

From the primal darkness
Emerges a shining hand extending outward
And in the palm of the open hand is a flame of greenish-yellow
The imposing figure is cloaked in shadows endless
Enwrapped in the billowing darkness
His hands and semi-shaded face formed of blinding white light
So no feature of this powerful angel
may be seen or experienced directly
The angel’s right hand extends from the darkness
Holding a single shaft of wheat,
golden, ripe, glowing with the sacred light
There is a sibilant whisper;
‘This flame is your Will revealed
the formless flame that fills and sustains all things:
Life, and the giver of life.
That flame which passes on, from body to body
From life to life;
The flame is eternal, it encompasses all the cosmos
And holds it all together,
a matrix-web of glittering sacred fire-
Ever burning, never exhausted.’
The shaft of wheat shines forth
The quiet words of the angel continue;
‘This emblem of the sacred mystery of the Lady of Flame,
She of Eleusis
Reveals the fruit of your Will
The manifestation of Will
and the focused power of manifestation upon the Earth
As grain ripening, here, now, feeding all who hunger
The ephemeral Will manifests in miraculous
yet substantive ways.
Alone is the flame
But sown in the form of grain, it is rooted in All!
In silence is the center now cloaked in black-
and I, the angel of pure light
Hide my glory to reveal this single flame
Permeating all
For all else is illusion.
All else is veiled.
My form matters not,
Only the flame which I guard and Offer
to Those Who Remain Silent.
With this Rune
All who consecrate the flame
Must offer the sacred fire to all the World
as Works!
A Will and Wonder of spirited illuminating and nourishment
For the flame alone is not the manifestation of life-
it is the root of Earth and so must grow on Earth
As the fire of the Sun is distilled
into a single grain of wheat.


-Aion131- In the temple of D&K1/18/17
Saturday, January 14th, 2017
6:23 pm


Everyone is dancing, dancing
Madly, wildly, ecstatically, insanely
The glowing waves of wild energy vibrate outwards,
Everyone shifts into a drop in the cosmic milky ocean of bliss
Ripple ripple, changing colors, echoes embrace all
Everyone a tuning fork, all vibrating as they are vibrated
And the vibration so grows and grows and a tune of bliss-union emerges
Touching, Dancing, Playing; laughing, drinking, smoking, writhing in joy and bliss
Sweating, hallucinating, howling, chanting ridden by the Wild God and Red Goddess
Stomping, leaping, spinning, rocking, rolling, eyes flashing, arms and legs akimbo
Dancing solo, dancing in couples, dancing in clusters
about the fire and smoke and offerings and intoxicants and food and fresh water
In the shadows they are fucking and sucking, flinging intoxication and colors in spirals
Chanting, drumming, banging bells and all manner of instruments!
Playing pipes, mad flutes, cymbals and rattles and all things sounding strange
Invoking, shouting, singing, chanting, speaking in ancient tongues
and uttering barbarous words of frost and flame, of lightning and soft kisses
And words of prayer and love and ecstasy and channeled words of future, fate, omens
And the Great Lord of the Wildness leaps down from his mountain top,
He leaps out of his cave, his deep-wood grotto, his waterfall
He leaps as the wolf, the bear, the elephant, the monkey, the stag and so many others,
 he always leaps forth Laughing!
And the Earth mother, birthed in blood and spring water,
Arising amongst fruits and grain and the endless green of life arises from the crevices and the springs, from wells and fresh hoed fields, from the berry brambles and wild yam fields and from every tree and flower and from the falling star
and she is always singing with joy as she joins her ever shifting animal-lord
As the shimmering full moon flows through her sacred dancing mudra-hands
She sprinkles glowing sparks of life into every celebrant
igniting the fire in their loins, heart and blazing 3rd eyes
and the all laugh and sing and DANCE!
And HE leaps through the twisting Dhuni fire and touches everyone and everything and the numinous circle of all and the madness and joy spread out out out
until all become one circle of jewels, one mandala of spiral life unfolding:
One pillar of ecstasy fire!
And this is the most primal religion of all and the one oft forgotten-
Its rituals are painted in the most ancient caves and on the walls of pre-historic walls
and woven into sacred cloth wrapping the dead and knotted into strands of hemp and passed on in many ways from elder to child to elder to child to shaman to priestess to sacred idols and animal spirits in the songs and whispers and words of power that lie under every stone and within every tree and flow in every stream.
The Wild Way lies embedded in the sacred standing stones, in the ageless ice temples and caves and deep-forest shrines, on mountain tops, in deep ravines, on remote islands and in ever pounding naked foot and in every drop of blood and in the song filling every wild soul
But mostly the lineage-wisdom of Wildness comes from the primeval forest roots, the wild mountain streams, the forgotten, hidden, wild places and from all the animal spirits and animal brothers and sisters who are the collective voice and mind of the Great Wild one of Horns and Fur and of the Great Mountain Mother who was before the beginning and will be after the end and their mating is the big bang and the beat of every drum as is the sex of every being and the cry of every bird and the howl of every beast
and the innate wisdom of every plant, rock, river, stone- the heart of every fire.
And all things are sacred in the Wildness and every religion has abandoned the Wildness and every book, law, stricture, tradition, rule smothers the Wildness for it is before and beyond all these things and the Wildness calls to us, is in out blood and always finds a way to seep through the cracks of civilization like the sprouting weed,
the silent stalking coyote, the nesting wren, the howling winds and rain and thunder.
And The Horned Lord is the Lord of the Dance and he dances with humans and animals, yes, but also with werewolves and elementals and yakshis and ganas and nagas, demons and ogres and all wild things and the risen dead and vampires and birds and living plants and rocks and all dance dance dance to the Wildness and there is no conflict or fear for the Wildness proclaims an end to FEAR and HATE and DIVISION and AVERSION and ATTACHMENT for it calls on the Wildness inherent in all things to arise arise arise like a tsunami and wash away civilized skins, me-me-me egos,
fears and worries and attachments, out out out!
Until only the ecstasy of the dance, the trance, the inner hum, the fire and the full moon fill and free us to dance with the divine intoxication, unleash the divine power, devour the divine, fuck and be fucked by the divine, and so BECOME divine
until there is NO DIFFERENCE and this is the end to prayer for this is the becoming of bliss that is before and after prayer –
For there is no longer need for prayer when bliss subsumes all, all, all!
This is the primal way and magick of Lord Shiva, Pashupati Deva, Lord of beasts and supreme and primal Lord of Wildness.
This is the temple of Shakti Ma, VamaDurga Devi, dangerous delightful Woman of the primal forest, of the red birthing and dying, of all life and death and the dance of bliss.
This is the first and last ‘religion.’ This is the cult of ecstasy of bliss, of union
This is the secret Tantra, Scripture, Veda, Dogma, Ritual that can never be written,
For it is inscribed on the ocean waves, on the ripples in the rivers, on the glaciers and peaks of the mountains, in the patterns of bark and brance, of needle and leaf in the forests, in the holy text of DNA and the ever shifting hieroglyphs of blood and on the ephemeral full-moonlight of the Wolf Moon which fills and intoxicates us all!
And the sacred Wildness reaches out when we enter the Wild Path naked, unafraid, embracing our being and with furry hands and shadow smiles and tapping hooves and paws leads us gently in the dance of ecstasy which is now and forever and beyond both
Leading us in the spiral spiral spiral to the direct experience of bliss-samadhi-gnosis.
To become god, dance with god, madly intoxicate yourself with god until you are one thing and they leave words and become no-thing and so have forgotten the difference in the endless clear pool of ecstasy.
This is the Wildness at the root of all our rituals, this is the Wildness we often forget, This is the Wildness that cannot be written or spoken of nor analyzed or discussed. This is the hidden wisdom of the beating heart, the intoxicated bliss state of being, the dance of Lila, of the galaxies, of the Divine Eternal Bliss that is the origin of all.
And every vision, omen, gnosis wisdom, intuition, blessing whispers this -
Embrace. The. Wildness.

-Wolf Moon- 1/2017
Friday, January 6th, 2017
3:48 pm


The work of spiritual and psychological awakening and growth is the Individuation of the Self; The evolving core essence-consciousness commonly called the ‘higher Self.’ Call it the unfolding Atman, the Spark of Indwelling Gnosis, the Soul or the Guardian Spirit, it is the first serious magickal and mystical step towards wholly embracing your Genius or True Will.
There is, of course, an equally important and yet less savory process that must be done IN TANDEM with the Individuation of the Self, that is the embrace and Integration of the Shadow.
The whole devil/angel dynamic or dialectic is rather stale and trite, but the analogy is useful and applicable without being dogma.
As we work towards opening the Jewel in the Center of the Lotus, we must also enter the dark tunnels below the Earth, below the Tree of Life, and accept, embrace and reconcile the negative or atavistic parts of our spiritual and unconscious mind. All we have repressed, all the dark and uncivilized thoughts and feelings, all the ‘dragon mind’ lower cortex primate and reptilian reflexes, instincts, violent and antisocial aspects of our Id and our pure animal being are all a crucial, powerful and useful part of us.
Polite society reviles, exorcises and vilifies the Shadow, often persecuting anything smacking of the primal or animalistic while, with inquisitions and pograms, persecutions and proscriptions, they demonstrate the real power and evil of suppressing the Shadow. Their violence and hate a clear object lesson.
Our Shadow, our Daemon, our horned and hooved imp of an Id, our Monster, makes us whole, makes us able to survive, gives us the psychic durability and power and intensity, toughness and instincts to recover from loss and attack and defend our physical self and psyches from the onslaught of a dangerous world and from the enslavement by others who ride and live FOR their Monster.
Here’s the thing. Those of us on the Initiatory path, know the following:
Once we step on this path, we can’t leave it without great peril, for it is more a tightrope than a path and it is really two tightropes, one leading up and the other leading down and we must, like every Hero, descend into the underworld to then journey upward, like every shaman, into the heavenly sphere of bliss to unite with our Self-Star. Full individuation, full initiatory illumination, means accepting and embracing your higher being as well as your monster. One can not be only Yang or Yin, we must attain both and then move beyond. Every Guru or Preacher or Cult that has insisted on purity and white-light only focus has collapsed horribly as the suppressed Shadow eventually, like all suppressed primal urges, erupts.
The goal, as alchemy shows us, is the transmutation therough the union of seeming opposites which are really two parts of one being, us.  Two become one, the instincts and eroto-primate-darkness energizes helps the light and positivity of Self survive, prosper, extend the Gnosis out into the life and never lose touch of our wonderful, crazy-making sexy-wild animal selves without which we would miss much of the joy of life. It would be awkward to be a Party Angel, but it is, in many ecstatic ritual situations, holy or mundane, a lot of illuminating fun to be a ‘Party Animal.’ As long as Self centers and integrates Shadow, all is awesome. But this means confronting our fears, fixations, neuroses and so on.
Much of what makes us human is tinged with the Shadow, and this in no way detracts from spiritual evolution or advancement, in fact it anchors the ethereal ‘white light’ in the much and mud of the fertile Earth, the dirty, difficult business of living and mating and cohabitating with other humans in an imperfect and trying daily life. It is the animal-shadow-monster that cuts loose, goes wild, gets a bit out of control; It is the Self that keeps the wildness and the chaos focused on the positive and not the cruel or selfish, but only when one had fully accepted and embraced the Monster and all those parts of your Darkness that you hate or fear or which disgust you. You must Love Yourself, this is the great comment, and it must be ALL of you, not just the things that are easy to love.
In this initiatory practice, I offer the Monster Tropes as archetypal models of identifying and working with your Shadow! Such tropes, like Rorschach Blot tests, offer a funny way to obliquely approach your Monster- have a laugh, think about it. Like so many silly ‘quizzes’ in social media, take this Monster quiz- you might vibe with more than one!

Lets look at a few Monsters that often or sometimes might be how our Monster might appear to us. Yes, it is surreal, yet our collective unconsciousness mind has offered all these wonderful, widely accepted Masks of the Shadow for us to relate to and fear and eventually accept, let’s play with them! Here are some fre-form associations for each Monster, add your own as you like, everyone relates to each Monster differently.

Werewolf!  A monster of instinctual intensity, a predator, exuding wildness, heightened senses, protection, hunting, intense loyalty, primal passions and ferocity! Deeply connected with lunar energy.
Vampire! Clinging to life, fear of death, the unnatural, stasis, immortality the desire to steal life, energy, emotions, blood. Mystery of nocturnal love and seductive enslavement and darkness.
The Mummy! Pain of restriction, claustrophobia, excessive guilt, suppression, unrequited or unreal fixation-love, the Monster of loss, of misanthropy, of being in the wrong era. Cursed, bound, reborn in perpetuity through eternity.
Frankenstein! The monster of many warring pieces, the incoherence of chaos, the enslaved body-consciousness with no logic, the purely reactive emotional chaos, finding your creator unworthy, living horror that is not alive nor dead, the unconscious misuse of strength and the horror of being rejected over and over
The Creature of the Black Lagoon! The Reptilian mind, the cold-hearted condemnation of all others, the introvert swimming in the amniotic fluid of the unconscious, function of instinct over thinking, water-emotions- feelings over consciousness, rage against a paradise defiled.
The Invisible Man! Madness, instability, the excessive narcissism of I Know All, the disregard of the body for ideals, the fixation on the expectations of what others should do, the deep inferiority of one who feels insignificant, unseen, invisible. The alchemist gone bad, scientific experiments gone wrong.
The Zombie! Death run amok! Will-less, loss of volition, motivation, caring, sense of self-, the amoeba-like urge to simply mindlessly devour, mindless shambling, ever, inevitable Death, will, no point, no connection with others- the ultimate numb Zanax Monster!
All Evil Aliens! The unknown, the source of Paranoia, the strange, freakish, controlling darkness, subjugation of will, manipulating, sadistic, enslaving shadow from Out of Space.
Cthulhu and his ilk: Sexual fear,, horror, repulsion! Nasty Kinky sex! Restrictive or feared straight, bi, gay, trans, crazy, violent, vanilla, and or s&m sex! Whatever freaks you out sexually, embarrasses you, incites guilt! The sleeping, percolating sludge of the subconscious, the libido gone all sluggy.

I could go on, but who can beat kinky, weird, socially unacceptable freakish sex?

There are many other Monster Tropes out there, a lot like the Evil Ghost, The Slasher, Kong, Godzilla and on and on.

There is no shortage of monsters!
Which Monster Mask are we working to work through today?
How can we accept, embrace, integrate and sublimate our Monster?
How can our Shadow help, serve and empower our Self?
That is the great journey of the Hero, the descent into the Unconsciousness Darkness of the Underworld, the discovery, challenge and integration of the Shadow Monster, the Minotaur in the Labyrinth, and the accomplishing of the Quest for Self and the alchemical wedding leading to a new bliss-centered life as a Whole Being who is guided by the Self but strengthened and empowered and protected by the integrated Shadow.

Happy Trails!

33. I reveal unto you a great mystery. Ye stand between the abyss of height and the abyss of depth.
34. In either awaits you a Companion; and that Companion is Yourself.
35. Ye can have no other Companion.
36. Many have arisen, being wise. They have said "Seek out the glittering Image in the place ever golden, and unite yourselves with It."
37. Many have arisen, being foolish. They have said, "Stoop down unto the darkly splendid world, and be wedded to that Blind Creature of the Slime."
38. I who am beyond Wisdom and Folly, arise and say unto you: achieve both weddings! Unite yourselves with both!
39. Beware, beware, I say, lest ye seek after the one and lose the other!”                         
-Liber Tzaddi
Monday, January 2nd, 2017
9:23 pm


Happy New Year -Time for Hard Work!
 So: What do you do?
You will, relatively, maybe actually, be dead soon-
What will you have left behind?
How will you have advanced the evolution of Wisdom?
How will your Great Work add to the knowledge and gnosis of the world?
What art will you have created? What songs sung? What dances or feasts or festivals of love and growing and power will you have attended or help put on?
WHAT do you DO?
As we enter this… Crucial? Pivotal? Transcendent? …’Time,’ (Jai Maha Kala)
EVERYTHING we who call ourselves adepts do counts.
Can you feel the beginnings of an amazing, unprecedented, esoteric renaissance stirring amidst the current chaos and insanity?! Heed it!
More magick makers, tantrikas, shamans, hermeticists, witches and…know more now and have greater connectivity to each other and the totality of functional pragmatic and theoretical esoteric knowledge and rituals than ever before in history. Think about it.
Ganesh! Blow the Conch Shell, awakening the masses!
Hanumanji! Blow the blast signaling the great call to attain Art, victory and liberation!
Brothers and Sisters do not dwell on sadness, WORK it out!
Do The Great Work and do it now! Write that book you've been talking about, do that painting or sculpture or print you've been wanting to create. Do that ritual, take that trip, write that program, record that song, keep that journal, create that blog, attempt new magicks and expound on them. Share! Feast! Meet and rejoice in a million candle lit caves, circles, classrooms, studios, living rooms, temples and shrines! Pound the drums! Chant the Chants! Call to the powers of Earth and Sky, of Seas and Suns, and call down the Infinite stellar power of awakening, do so daily!
We will together conjure a vast counter Tsunami of art and activism, words of real power, art of real power, songs and deeds and rituals of real power; the power of love and of will and of COMPASSION in every word and deed.
We can Up the Whole Game by what we DO. So,
What do YOU do?
There is only this; What you do needs to be your True Will, we no longer have the luxury of ‘waiting’ for the work we ‘want.’ The omens are clear, the towers are falling, and the seeds planted, but they need tending, they need work; hard work.
Roll up those esoteric sleeves and be prepared to get your hands dirty, because here it COMES. Being complacent, indulgent, myopic and internalized wont cut it; a tsunami is upon us! The initial toxic waves of intolerance, bigotry and ignorance lap at our feet, and the waves are rising -
We have seen this before, REMEMBER?
The whisper in the heart is clear-
The Great Work is not a plan or idea, it is what you DO RIGHT NOW, tomorrow, the next day. It is not reading books or collecting books or sharing the same knowledge over and over or reinforcing the same beliefs, ideas, dogma; it is actively and intently Creating the World as We Will to Be. We KNOW what the new consciousness and existence will look like, for it is within the winged star that lives in our hearts.
Now we, together, must REIFY it!
An end to theory! An end to endless discussions and arguments and hairsplitting and dissention, the building is ON FIRE!
No more endless navel gazing, social media narcissism, dogmatic clinging! The earth is cracking UNDER OUR FEET!
This is the end times indeed, AND the beginning times. Who will guide the Bark of RA? It is the tipping-point time, the 101st Monkey Moment.
So, here is the question:
What do you DO?
May you accomplish your Great Work with Love and Will!
The World awaits and needs what you do.
Success to your Work!
Friday, December 30th, 2016
1:12 pm


Great Kali-Ma

Fill me

Love me

Protect and empower me!

O Beautiful woman with skin  black as the Void

You are filled with the whole cosmos of stars!

You crush me under your lotus feet

Your dance gentle, soft

Destroying, obliterating!

You are the great mother bird

Cracking the egg shell of her struggling hatchling

Struggling to be born.

You crush all worlds, thoughts, paradigms, beliefs; All things!

I shatter under your dance into the 10,000 things

Things that YOU created and called into being at the Beginning.

You are the Supreme Goddess of the Three Faces O Ma!


Child -Mother -Crone, you are always One!

Through you I am released from all attachments

For you have taken All Things from me

Thus I am liberated!

Through you I am no longer repelled by anything

For there is nothing to react to and all is permissible

Thus I am liberated!

Through you I release my ignorance, my arrogance

For now I know that I know NOTHING

Therefore I have no pretense of knowing anything

For all is infinite and there are no restrictions or limitations

Such a release, through your grace, is the highest wisdom

Thus I am liberated!

Through you, Greatest MA

I have let go of all fear

I no longer cling to life, nor do I fear death

For under your pounding feet

I have died 10,000 times and understand No-Difference

Through your grace I understand

There is no beginning and no end

Only the infinite certainty of your eternal embrace

Thus I am liberated!

Jai MA!

Jai MA!

Jai MA!

Through your wisdom

Through your blessings

Through the embrace of your divine Shakti

May my self-centeredness be crushed, dissolved, shattered,

Consumed in your sacred fire and, tossed as ashes into the wind

Thus may I die daily and so be liberated from selfishness!

And in this state of bliss

As the centerpoint of your infinite triangle

May your blessings extend to all sentient beings

And through your infinite grace and this prayer

May ALL beings gain liberation!




OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti!

  • Aion-Hermeticusnath, New Moon, 12/2016

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016
8:06 pm



There are two most primal mudras or sacred hand gestures

They are primordial and sacred because they cross all cultural boundaries.

The first one is The Abhaya mudrā, the "gesture of fearlessness

The right hand is held up, shoulder height

Palm out, giving blessing

This mudra or hand gesture offers blessing, safety, dispels fear and evil, offers divine protection

It is one of the earliest and most commonly seen and used mudras in the world

All the religions in Asia venerate and teach it as a key mudra

All the beneficent gods, goddesses and Buddhas show it

It is said to have originated as a gesture showing peaceful intentions, a blessing-greeting

It is also a signal that one is preaching, channeling or offering gnosis

As the raised right hand offers the Gesture of Fearlessness

The other hand is lowered, palm open, fingers pointing down

A mirror in many ways of the first mudra.

This is the Varada Mudra, the ‘boon granting’ mudra

It offers direct help, charity, effort, patience, divine empowerment

Like the Abhaya mudra, it is ubiquitous in Eastern religions

It is one of the earliest and most commonly seen and used mudras in the world

It likely originated as a universal gesture of giving, feeding, a ‘helping hand’

All the religions in Asia venerate and teach it as a key mudra

All the beneficent gods, goddesses and Buddhas show it

Often these two most primal, most important mudras are shown in combination,

in other words, they balance and synergistically augment each other

They Unify each other

They Offer the most primal two-edged gnosis on many cognitive and intuitive levels.

And it is not just Shiva or Buddha or Lakshmi who reveal both mudras,

The embrace of banishing fear and receiving bons

Letting go of the negative and Receiving the positive

Projecting energy and  Invoking energy

Calling forth the powers of Heaven and Earth

Baphomet is the most famous godform in Magick to offer these two mudras

Though sometimes with two fingers out - an interesting variation

Jesus is often shown making  both these mudras

Blessing, banishing sin, giving salvation and help to the poor

Removing ignorance, offering Truth

All the deities who make these mudras are revealing the most primal gnosis;

Banish fear, restrictions, limitation

And in turn take the hand of the divine, receive the teaching, the blessing, that which you need

The first mudra is the activation of WILL

The second the boon of LOVE

Simply forming these mudras in meditation

Activates these properties, In Buddhism, Tantrika and Magick it seems

Both mudras are often displayed and used together

As above, So Below

As within, so without

The left brain, the right brain- together

Yin and Yang, removing and receiving; what else is there?

These two mudras are very often used in conjunction

As such they are sometimes called Segan Semui-in

And it is said that together

They turn delusion into ‘no-difference’

Ego-Pride into acceptance

Try it out

Become Shiva

Become Buddha

Become Baphomet

Become Pan-Ku

Become Jesus

Become Lakshmi, Parvati, Saraswati…!

When done

Bring the two hands around and join them together


You have become


Tuesday, December 27th, 2016
12:12 pm


In Tantrika the place of meditation

The Center of the Sacred Space- One’s universe

Is called the Dragon Seat

So says Gurudev Dadaji Mahendranath

And, in Nath Tantrika, he is The Man.

Wherever you sit to meditate, to work magick

Is the Dragon Seat.

It is every center of any sacred space

Just as every Ley Line is called a “Dragon Line’

Just as the Galaxy is said to be the vast Dragon Anata

Curling into itself, into the Center.

Buddha sits upon the Dragon Seat,

the many-headed serpent-dragon rising behind and above him

Shiva sits upon the Dragon Seat

The King Dragon Power whispering the secrets of the cosmos in his ear

Kwan Yin Rides the Dragon Seat, emanating mercy

Babalon Rides upon the Dragon Seat with power and glory

All who seek siddhas, magick, visions

Sit upon the Dragon Seat.

The Dragon Power is the primal Force.

The Dragon seat is represented by I Ching Hexagram #1:

Heaven over Heaven, the Dragon Power

The Heart of Chi, of Khu, of Shakti

The stuff of joining, rising, Kundulini force

That which fills and manifests through us,

through the Shri Yantra Extended: Mount Meru; Kailash

The Sacred Mountain is always the physical Sacred Space

Which is always our Human Body, our Temple

Thus the Dragon Seat is the Place of Power

The Grove within which the Serpent can rise

Through the Tree of Life, which is the Mountain,which is the Body;

The Dragon Power leaping, striking, extending into samadhi

The Silver Star, The Atman, the Crown of Self.

If this riddle makes sense, then you understand.

The Winged secret Light is the Dragon Power

The Sacred Space bends down as a goddess of stars

Arching above the Dragon Seat.

Gurudev Dadaji also points out

That from the Dragon Seat we can Project or Receive

These are the magicks we practice, no matter what tradition.

There is a third modality- to be Not

Neither to extend or nurture one’s Will

But to become One with the Dragon Power

To use the Dragon Seat of Meditation and Magick

As a launching Pad into Cosmic Wonderland, Anata; Void

For once the Star of Self has been grasped

The sacred Dragon visions of everyday attainment  are made clear

If one sits and meditates upon his or her Dragon Seat.

Then one has but to follow the stars

From the physical to the sublime.

While these words may seem skew-wise

The simple truth of the Dragon Seat is here

Sit, meditate, let the Dragon Power Arise

Mount it and go forth



Saturday, December 24th, 2016
12:47 pm
In the Beginning God Created...


The movement of Yang

The Power of Heaven

The Supreme Dragon Power

Is called the Creative

For from the infinite darkness of Yin

The ocean of Samsara, Binah, Mara

Arises the creative urge, the in-spiritus- Inspiration

The Dragon of Heaven.

It is the two dancing forcesof Yin and Yang, Forces, Conscious & Unconscious

That creates enigma, movement, change, action

This is why the hexagram Heaven above Earth is stagnant- each in it’s place = no movement

No movement is the death of all art

Reverse the trigrams and you have

The Creative, movement, uniting- change.

As the new light arises I invoke the forces of the Creative

In the heart of darkness, hidden in obscurity, nurtured in the shadows

Is the star of the Creative, the primary impulse of Life

The urge to sex is the urge to create, the urge to write, draw, sculpt, play music, dance, sing

All are rays of celestial light revealing the essence of divine

In the beginning, God created…

In the beginning, we create and so recapitulate the genesis of being

The ultimate revolt against oppression, restriction, depression, fury, futility and despair

Is to create, it matters not what you create, it is the impulse and action

The Yin and Yang of it- the Shiva/Shakti Union

That makes us conscious, alive, centered, focused and, in the end

The heart of the universe

This is not an escape, but something more

It is the heart of Gnosis, of Tantra, of Magick, of Prayer

For in the act of creating

Of planning to create, of immersing oneself in the process

The self retreats before the SELF

And the core of being is free to express its hidden truths

And there, before us, is the secret wisdom revealed

By SELF to self

And even our somewhat chaotic monkey minds can grasp the sublime

When it emerges from our own senses, our own actions, guided

By the Chi, the Spirit, the Dragon Power of Creativity.

In these times of violence and darkness

May the fire of inspiration (Rajas) inflame us with the Creative!

May the infinite light (Sattvas) empower and enlighten the Creative!

May the Dream-darkness of the unconscious (Tamas) inform and nurture the Creative!

And, may the the seed-star of indwelling SELF

unite these within and through The Creative

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016
7:09 pm


To be done amidst a ritual, puja or dedication at will.

Goal: To acknowledge the Kleshas or key obstacles, bring them to consciousness and continue the work of banishing or releasing them. Ecstatic visualization encouraged. The long term goal- to Cut Through the Kleshas towards Liberation.


Om Gam Ganipatiye Namah

Lord Ganesh

Wielder of divine AX and NOOSE

Aid me in the  Great Work

Of banishing the Kleshas here and now


To the East: Using either hand, open hand, stiff, make a chopping motion- visualize cleaving a knot of negativity:


I release and let go of all Attachment!

I am attached to nothing

Neti Neti! Svaha!

To the West: Using either hand, open palm, stiff, make a chopping motion- visualize cleaving a knot of negativity:


I release and let go of all Repulsion

I am Repulsed by nothing

Neti Neti! Svaha!

To the South: Using either hand, open palm, stiff, make a chopping motion- visualize cleaving a knot of negativity:


I release and let go of all Ignorance

I know Nothing.

Neti Neti! Svaha!

To the North: Using either hand, open palm, stiff, make a chopping motion- visualize cleaving a knot of negativity:


I release and let go of all Fear of Death

Nothing separates Death and Life

Neti Neti! Svaha!

Center: Visual the ax of Ganesh descending upon your crown, cleaving you in half right through the chakras:


I release and let go of my Ego

‘I’ am No Thing.

Neti Neti! Svaha!



All is One, One is None;

There is No Difference

Between my Self and All Other things

I am Free. Svaha.

4:11 pm


Look and See

Look and Watch

Look and Be,

Listen Beyond

Feel Beyond

Touch Beyond

Smell Beyond

See Beyond!

Thus is revealed the true essence of the Sphinx

Beyond the Secret of the Sphinx

Beyond the union of Human and Beast

In this True Union

Is the gateless-gateway found and entered.

The Sense Elements are stepping stones

The body is fuel for the flame of awareness

The Noise enwraps the Silence

Like a nest of dead twigs protects and hides

The Egg of Light within.

On this day the Egg Cracks

And the Light pours forth in waves

Obliterating all shades, doubts and illusions

A pure clarity born in pure bliss!

The is aware consciousness of Gaia- and

The open-borders awareness of Nuit -and

The everywhere-center of Hadit- and

And the eternal vibration of the Laughter of Pan!

And so much more, embracing the infinite cosmos!

As the New Sun Rises

We honor the Primal Powers

We honor the Earth and the Heavens

And all the many beings dancing between.

So we honor the eternal dance of the Light

In all its infinite forms!

We honor the Ancestors, the Beloved Dead

And we honor with Open Flame

The unborn avatars of the New Truth, of Hope!

In all things, in all ways, we honor the Eternal Flame of Creation

Sol Invictus!

Sol Spiritus!

Sol LVX!


Hail the rebirth of the Solar Egg shining

Hail the Nu Phoenix arising!

Hail the New Moment, New Hour, New Day, New Month and New Year!

Hail this, the New Aeon, Our Age unfolding!

Above all, Hail to the Infinite Spark Within us all

May it ever guide us with Love and Will

On the Path

Of Truth and Joy.

Aum. Ha.

  • 131 - Solstice 12/16

Sunday, December 18th, 2016
6:46 pm
Be that light in the darkness I know you are


Attention all Magickal folk, Shamans, Sorcerers, Wizards & Witches

This is a dharmic service reminder as the darkness rises;

The voice of the divine has been raised, the cry of every Self is heard

We must not cower, hide, withdraw- We must teach.

It doesn't matter whether we wish to do so or not

The cosmos doesn't give a shit about what WE want or don't want

We entered the Hidden Realm

WE took the steps, the rites, the initiations

The words were clear, the vow inescapable, the commitment real

We learned through ordeals;

The Great Work is not for the faint of heart or wussies-

There are, around us all, even at this moment, many who need mentoring

Some need guidance in the ways of the world and how to exist in Spirit

Without being crushed by the crass mundane and fires of samsara

Some are marginal folk, like we were when we all discovered

that we were  magickal cuckoos

Changelings, a Mutants,  Wild ones.

At first, all fledgling adepts are fragile-

Many magick-makers don't survive, falling off the cliffs of despair

Or into the bonfires of addiction, societal ignorance, persecution-

We can help them, we must, along with every sentient being

Our job is ‘to teach’- every text tells us this

“You must teach….”

We are here to serve, better, add to the opening lotus of humanity.

We can teach in silence, in conversation, with art or music, or with prose

In books, in stories, with money, in everyday simple interactions

Our greatest magick is often in the far-reaching effects of

A smile, a kind word, a hug, some laughter, a recommendation, a gift, a text...

In these dark times, when many kids are on antidepressants, when drinking seems logical, when cynicism and bigotry seem to reign, when hope seems distant

Our Great Work of helping humanity evolve is more critical than ever.

We are the hidden priests and priestesses

We are the few and secret

We are the avatars of a new age - and so many people need help

Whatever we do, we must remain aware of this;

Every interaction between ourselves and Others must convey Love and Will

Every interaction is a chance to pass on some of the LIGHT

Every moment , no matter how difficult, painful, upsetting- is a chance for Real Change

And Change with intent and focus and Love & Will = Magic

As we accrue power and (one hopes) a bit of wisdom in our Work

We have more to offer others on every level

The more we let go

The more we give

In this way we mirror the divine in all things

And so help those seeking illumination catch a glimpse of the Light in this mirror

This is a fucking HARD path!

This is hard and painful and depressing and seemingly hopeless

Yet we signed on

We bonded with the divine Gnosis

We chose ‘Nirvana or Bust’!

The initiatory path demands this of me every day- often I am not up to the task

I fail, I fall, I am broken and damaged and at a loss- I sink into ‘because…’

But IAO, LVX, OM…..rises

And I find that offering love and gnosis to others

Pulls me back to my feet

And back on the Path-

And I can again offer what I have to those who need.

I exhort you- do not let the rising darkness crush you

Offer others the example and help of illumination, open caring

and sun, strength, sight; Light.

Mentor all you meet

Teach all who ask

Be that light in the darkness I know you are

Teach Happy.- One Love
Thursday, December 15th, 2016
3:18 pm


In the beginning…

If everything is what we perceive

If we literally create our world

As we go along

If indeed the holographic universe is all

Then what are all these things we perceive, recognize and understand?

Phenomenology, epistemology, reality; seriously?

How can two people experience the ‘same thing’

and yet see and experience completely different ‘things?’

Hermeticism and Taoism and Tantrika all agree in essence;

Nothing in and of itself is real or empirical

Science gives us the closest approximation

Of what is and is not real- mnus our perceptions

But even then there are variables and differing viewpoints

And differing methods, conceptions and realities.

Science agrees that old truths fade, that what was seen as truth is now ‘not true’

The earth does indeed revolve around the sun

Physics is not bound by outmoded paradigms

The theory of Relativity superseded what came before

And Quantum physics and string theory will superseded Relativity- and on it goes.

At the heart of all mysticism, magick and spirituality

Is the truth that what we perceive is self generate from our perceiving-

As actors in our own perceptions we skew and change the very nature

Of what we are thinking we are perceiving.

We are all Shrodinger’s cat.

Every day what we think is real is not empirically ‘real,’ all is indeed illusion.

Every criminal line up, every disagreement over a memory or experience proves this

But to accept that nothing in and of itself is real

That all is Maya or Samsara or Pleroma

Is to have the abyss open up under our feet

Awake, we accept the abyss and the reality within which we live.

This is terrifying for most, thus they literally do not hear

Or see, or accept

Perceptions that do not fit with their dominant paradigms.

Their consensual reality woven by the dominant cultural norms.

This then is the true secret of Magick, for magick could not exist

If reality were not malleable and influenceable.

And if in fact we can use non physical means to ‘cause change in accordance with will’

Then what I have stated above must, in essence, be the paradigm behind all paradigms.

The one who is Awake to this is

The Archetype of the magickian, the Knower, the One who is Adept

This archetypal Mask must be one of if not our best guide in this exploration;

By many names: Thoth, Ganesh, Mercury, Hermes, ….. And so many more

All offer a key concept in the making of Magick in the truth of reality;

It boils down to this- In the Beginning was...


From the earliest times the WORD for a thing


WAS that thing.

To call upon a person, a spirit, a god- you needed to know the NAME.

The TRUE NAMES behind all things is the core of magick in many traditions.

Naming is a crucial and powerful event,

No matter if we are naming a god,  a child, a dog, a town, a star...

For that thing is not ‘real’ to us until it IS real- until it is NAMED.

All spiritual traditions agree: Words are power.

Wars have been started over words

Nations have been founded and destroyed with words

Words are identity, understanding, keys to conceptualization

WE are words, our very concept of who we are, our place in the cosmos


Whether these words are uttered out-loud is not important.

They still exist.

Our process of perception, of reality-framing

Is based on concepts

What is that THING that is unfamiliar?

Ah- it an X, now I may conceptualize it

And embed it within the web of my own consensus reality framework

Work with it, relate to it, call, invoke, banish IT.

Neurology is the playpen of this webbing

New synapse formation MIRRORS NEW CONCEPT/WORD acquisition

Thus a thing (including a person) does not exist in our world

Unless we have been given or created a true name.

If we go back


To the beginning

There was a time when we were infants

Or before that-

Spirit with no defined ‘center’

We were then of God

Utterly free to experience the universe DIRECTLY

Then -as God -we begin to accept/create WORDS

In the beginning, God NAMED all that was created

This made it REAL

This is the heart of Magick and mysticism



The Diving made Flesh- ‘real’

By NAMING we create our universe

Logos-brick by Logos-brick.

By seeking no-mind in meditation

We detach from our Words, our naming.

In silence and letting go

We recapitulate pre-genesis

We see the before-time

And then, accepting that words create all things

We can seek and so perceive and become


When all is nameless, all is free and open

And One may accept all and understand Creation

And truly embrace the power of magick

The power of the WORD one Wills.

Thus it is said:

‘A Sound Magickian is a Might God’

For he or she

No matter what tradition

Weaves Samsara, Maya, Chaos

Rather than letting it weave him or her

My being the utterer of True Words

Thus he or she has become the universe

And as without

So within.


Sunday, November 27th, 2016
7:38 pm


The Spirit is Wings
It is one of the oldest glyphs
For GO-ING- ascending; Moksha, Liberation.
Torii- Shinto Shrine Gates
Date back thousands of years
They represent wings
Opening- the Gate
Of Spirit.
Shamans climb sacred Winged Ladders
Into the beyond.
The Winged Wands of so many traditions
Hovers over us at every initiation
The winged heels of Hermes
speed thought and deed and the crossing over.
The winged solar disc- Hadit
Reveals the mystery of the Self Go-Ing
True Will Manifesting
Helixing as the sun and every star does.
Winges gods go gack to the beginning
In ancient Sumer, Minos, Xian
The Winged Gods and Goddesses show us-
The flight is the goal
The lifting up of our body-mind-spirit-
The Winged serpent, Kundulini
Arising from the Base of our being
Our Root
Up Up Up!
Arising on Wings of Shakti, the doing of Will
The Dragon of Chi Unfolding
The Wings of Rapture
Are the Wings of Isis, Hathor, Maat
Are the Wings of Garuda, Saresvati, Lakshmi
Are the Wings of Angels, Apsara, Devas
Our ancient genetic ancestors arose from the primordial ocean
Scaled and reptilian
Over thousands of years
They exchanged fins for wings
And now the dinosaurs fly about and above us as birds
And have been core to every spiritual system
Since the first birds were painted on Neolithic cave walls
We are evolving from the Dragon Mind, the lower, older mind
So-We arise and evolve and slowly
So slowly
Feather synapses unfolding
Our genetic wings unfurl
And we arise
Into the heavens
Through the Torii
Into Spirit.


Saturday, November 26th, 2016
10:05 pm
The Three Chakra Rock & Roll

The Three That are On and the One that is Three

There is no fixed number of stars
There is no fixed number of Chakras
There is no fixed number of sacred wheels of Shakti,
Vortexes that form and empower all things.
Every spiral opening flower, shell, galaxy
Is a Wheel of Matter/Energy that reflects the actions of the divine
Wheels within wheels! How can there be a fixed number?
Therefore there are an infinite number of Chakras on the human body
Just as there are in the heavens above!
Seven Chakras is just one possibility-consider:
Sir Arthur Avalon brought the 7 chakra system to the esoteric world
Occult orders devoured and taught it
It became scripture, tradition and, finally
New Age fuzzy doctrine.
There is nothing wrong with focusing on 7 chakras- but
There are many many other systems.
There is the 9 Chakra system of Shri Vidya
The Tibetan Buddhist 10 Chakra system
And some Tantrics point to a 4 or 5 or 8 chakra system.
How many different Chakra systems are there?
How many stars are in the sky?
How many centers of Chi are on the human body?
This is the wrong question- here is the right one:
What is it you wish to DO?
What is your WILL?
Traditionally in Tantrika different chakra systems were used for different rituals, gods, siddhas- in other wise
There is NO ‘right’ ‘system’ of chakras.
That would be, well, up to you.
Within the system I use, for the purposes I will,
I use a 3 chakra system in Guru puja
I have found it helps me unite with Atman.
Who knows what you might find it useful for?
It is a primal system, powerful and syncretic in it’s simplicity.
In some Tantras, the connection between the three Gunas,
the three Shaktis and the Three core power centers of the body are described.
However, little is said on the purpose.
I ascribe them to the unity of AUM
To the understanding of the 3 central aspects of the cosmos
And of the Self;
Trimurti unified
Shiva Shakti & Child
Knowledge, Will, Action
Sun, Moon, Fire:
And so on-
It is simple, but endless- give it a spin!


Zone on Body             Gunas              Shaktis                                    Taoist              Thelemic

HEAD - ZONE          Tamas             Knowledge                  Heaven            Nuit

HEART- ZONE         Sattvas                        Will                             Wo/Man          Hadit

BASE – ZONE           Rajas               Action                         Earth               Heru
Friday, November 25th, 2016
4:17 pm
Self reflected in Selves: The Great Work


There is something that cannot be reflected
Yet you can only perceive its reflection.
There is a unity inherent in the center of my being
Which ‘I’ can never see
Just as my eyes can not turn around
And see my face.
The light within speaks
It infuses everything I do and say
I am often blind to it
Ignorant and clouded
And, in the darkest pit
I at times doubt there is a light at all.
Alone, the path of renouncing is easy
But the path of tantrika, magick, gnosis is hard
For to commune with my innermost Self
I need perspective
But alone
I have none.
It is the mirrors about me;
My brothers and sisters in the Art
The adepts I count as friends and loved ones
Who surround me with perspective.
It is in the spirited and real interactions
The flow of conscious and unconscious spirit
The give and take of words and feelings and magick
Between us
That slowly
Bit by bit
Pierces beyond the masks of ego
To reveal the heart of us, and in reflection
The core of Star Self.
In this way I apperceive the truth
Revealed flashes of my Self to myself
Through the loving mirrors
Of those whom I love
And who love me-
for the true mirror is love
and through this love
we share the Spirit and the Gnosis.
This is why magical orders, cabals,
Kulas, covens and Lodges exist;
Working alone, delusions may take root,
However, surrounded by brothers and sisters
Maat and Truth prevails.
The Circle of Mirror-cohorts
Reflects, refracts and focuses the light
Light magnifies and reveals light
Spirit magnifies and reveals spirit;
I know the center only
When I have multiple vectors
I know the Self only
When I see the reflection from many facets
My Self in the eyes of Others.
OM to the blessed circle of Adepts!
My friends, brothers, sisters of the Art
Namaste, I bow to the wisdom of the reality check
The ego check
The WTF check they offer me
Life without love
Is an abyss
Selves offer Self
A prismatic lifeline.
And this is the Great Work.

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016
10:10 pm
“From all Cast Aside, Liberation is Born”

“From all Cast Aside, Liberation is Born”

Shiva, the great Lord,
God the wandering ascetic
Has Nothing
Owns Nothing
Owes Nothing
Cares to have, possess, control – nothing.
His sacred items are all cast offs-
He wears and sits on animal skins
His bracelets and mala are rudraksha beads
Freely falling from trees.
His closest friends are a neck-hugging Naga-Serpent
And a silver bull named Nandi
(Hi Ho! Nandi! And Awayyy!)
He has a discarded water bowl
His trident is recycled metal
His linga is a stone found in nature
(And HIS linga is always right where he is)
He eats out of a skull cup he found in a cremation ground.
He lives on what is given to him by the earth or by friends
His temple is a grove of trees
Or a mountain top
Or a cave
And every ritual he performs
Begins and ends with the body and the natural items
Mother Earth provides for him;
Flowers, food, water, fire, resinous incense.
His sacred herb grows wild
And the clay of the riverbed is there
To fashion a chillum for smoking it
And to freely create whatever else he needs.
He bathes in the sacred river
Mates with Shakti
Plays with his kids
And often dances with the Gana, nature spirits,
Ghosts, devils, ogres, goblins
And whoever else wants to cavort and party.
He is THE DUDE of the Wild Things
Is the Outsider.
What use has he for anything?
A Job? A mansion? War? Trading stocks? Making Apps?
He has everything!
For all he needs has been cast off or ignored by most
He is the God of Garbage
Of castoffs and recycled
For none of it is worth anything in the end.
In the worthless is great worth
Everything cast away is part of the most powerful ritual
The ritual of LETTING GO-
We suffer from a glut of everything
Of stuff, stress, tasks and imagined important goals
But Shiva has it right.
He shows us a way:
Stop and chill (Meditate)
Breathe and focus (Prana Yama)
Stretch and exercise (Yoga)
And live within nature
The natural way of being
the natural rhythm of all life
As much as possible
Let’s Do the Shiva Dance!
Om Namah Shivaya!


“From all Cast Aside, Liberation is Born”
Sunday, November 20th, 2016
9:50 pm

Hold to the Light

The Dark is rising
The hate and fear
Fountaining forth
from the cracks now forming
As the quakes and eruptions and tidal waves
Of paranoia and primate atavistic resurgence
Break the norms of civility and compassion
And I feel the fears and cries and angers
Of the ignored and damaged and cast-asides
The collateral victims of war, the starving, the strange
And I despair, I feel the smog of depression
The thorns of rage and paranoia
But in the circle
While sitting
As the clawing darkness is held at bay
There is peace
Within this peace is the Light
In this place of Atman-Self
There is this whisper
Resonating from my Mind and Heart;
Hold to the Heart
Hold to the Light
Hold to what is True
Hold to what is Right
Let your Star shine forth
In Day and in Night-
And it seems hopeless
It seems like Hell has won
Old evils crawl across our consciousness
Our streets, our schools and homes
The weak are targeted, swastikas appear
Sigils of intolerance and vile hate
And in the gloom I hear within
A calm voice saying:
Hold to the Heart
Hold to the Light
Hold to what is True
Hold to what is Right
Let your Star shine forth
In Day and in Night-
And the Earth below is falling
And the flood of primal panic inundates
Every country, state and town
All the progress we have done seems defeated
And LIES reign upon the throne of reality
In this tainted Kingdom
Where nothing matters but power and greed
The insanity seems complete
And there seems no way out of this dark maze
And it seems the lunatics are in charge
And the Archons have won
As I throw up my hands in horror
I hear a shouted voice within
And with every word
Light emerges from Darkness:

Hold to the Heart
Hold to the Light
Hold to what is True
Hold to what is Right
Let your Star shine forth
In Day and Night

Every Man and Every Woman is a Star
Never forget.

Guru OM
Saturday, November 19th, 2016
7:47 pm


In the Flames of Maat
Amidst the Words of the Sun
I see the Truth
At the Great Ritual of Balancing in the Centerworld:
The Heart is weighed against the Feather of Maat
The Hawk-Headed Solar power illuminates all
Anubis, the Dogstar of life and death Observes,
Tahuti scribes & The Sharp-Toothed Absu waits
And this, it is said, is the Judgement
But it is not-
It is Adjustment, rebalancing.
For the heart is weighed every Day Moment Nanosecond
Against Maat- the Way of All.
This tableau, balance, feather, heart; moment
is the icon of Doing One’s Will
The Heart is the KA
It is the Guru- that which brings Light from Dark
The Guardian Spirit, Daemon, Genius, Angel
The GURU Sits within the heart,
Glowing white, holding up the hands of blessing
Like the KA raises up the hands
Like a crazy diamond vajra-
The Star that is the Being one wills to be
Every moment, every second, every lifetime.
May I tread the Way of Maat
The Te of Tao
The Orbit of my Star
The Way of my Wyrd-
And may I be centered in my Heart, my Ka, my GURU
May I become the Guru
May I manifest as it is in me to do
And so achieve
The balance
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