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Tuesday, September 27th, 2016
9:28 pm

Serpent Buddha

All is gone, all is nothing, all is Not
And this is how it begins
With the letting go of all things
All feelings, all attachments, all sounds, cries, my blood flows
Into the roots of the Tree
Sitting- free
The greatest sorrow
The most horrific paradox
The truth none embrace with joy
Solitude-is salvation
A beautiful yet bitter flower
Alone, one flies free
Releases attachments and so
The brambles, knives, sharp bones and flints
Fall from the bloody hands
Nirvana is a moment
The moment- extended
THAT moment
That is all moments
That is a the nexus of all things
In the absorption of the universe into
A single flower
Into a seed
Into a sound
And the Serpent of the cosmos
The star-filler Shakti Kundalini Galaxy
Unwinds in spiral perfection
As all the beliefs of Self fly as dust
In a strong dawn wind
And arising
The serpent protects Budda
Shelters and informs Buddha
Manifests the vidya knowledge
Silently given
Buddha om
And I hold the wish fulfilling gem
But have no joy in the holding
For ‘I’ hold nothing
And the Gem contains all things
And Anata
The Serpent encircling the cosmos
And born of neuron blaze ascending
The pain of rebirth
From something
Into NoThing unfolds
This is the attack of Mara
The grinding of the wheel Karm
The blazing dhuni of Samsara
Let it begin



Wednesday, July 27th, 2016
10:23 pm
Guru Purnima 2018

Dhuni Guru

The sacred fire is everywhere
And nowhere
But tonight it is Here
In the Center
Like the sun, the star, the soul;
Before the Dhuni
Bathed in gold and red and silver flickering light
Sits the Guru-
Eyes distant
Utterly present
Naked, explosive, peaceful, silent, the eye
Of a hurricane, the third eye
Of a galaxy- the point
In every circle;
And the waves of Atman Jyana
Shakti power
envelop me
And my eyes clear and I suddenly see
Many many other gurus about the fire
Endless waves , circles, spirals of Gurus
Sacred teachers and spirits and devas from the dawn of time
All are here now, all are in the moment of OM
All inform, ignite, enflame, empower the Dhuni
They have each given ALL into the flames
They have been utterly released
Yet, here they are
Sitting in loud silence
Offering pure amrita wisdom
To all who choose to sit by the Dhuni
And Listen
This magick place is always available
For the Gurus have chosen to remain as presence to offer
Shaktipat, Initiation, Understanding
For this is their oath and their being and their place;
And all of them merge
For all of them are One Guru
My Guru
The Guru who removes darkness
And suddenly all that remains is thefire
And this Guru IS the Dhuni
The flame ever changing, ever shifting
And I am that flame; Eternal, indestructible
Moving from life to life, experience to experience
Moment to moment
Distilling all into the One Drop
And this is THE Guru-
Vast as the cosmos
Smaller than a sub-atomic particle
Beyond all things is that which brings clarity
There are no words here
Only the flame
Guru OM

Jai Gurudev Dadaji

10:14 pm

The Hamsa Bop

Hey ho, let's go! hey ho, let's go!
Hey ho, let's go! hey ho, let's go!
They're dancing round the fire
Laughing spinning madness
Gurus going wild and wyrd
The Ha m Sa!
Fire Sun and Moon-meld
Rising Kundulini
Pounding drums of Shiva
The Ha m Sa!
Hey ho, let's go
Do the Tantra Dance now!
Quiet? NO! Let go let go!
Tantra-Yantra-Mantra- ready to Flow!
Meditating in Motion
Bursting from the Old Shell
Revving up the Shakti
The Ha m Sa!
Sitting in the Smashan
Feeding blazing Dhuni
Kalidaiscopic Colors Casting
The Ha m Sa!
Hey ho, let's go
Shooting up the spine now!
All will to Grow and Flow and Know
Out out out we go go go!
Dancing in the forests now
Flying in the starry sky
Breaking all the ties that bind
The Ha m Sa!
The will to love is what we shout
Is the law to love, it comes about
We are all one burning flame
Perserverance Furthers; No Blame!
The Ha m Sa!
Hey ho, let's go! hey ho, let's go!
Hey ho, let's go! hey ho, let's go!
Wednesday, July 6th, 2016
10:40 am
'Householder Tantrika' Go-ing

Our House is a Very Very Very Nice House

Of the Earth
In the Earth
Through the Earth
House Holder Way is the way
Of Fast Illumination- Why?
The Solitary Buddhist Monk or Hermit
Is said to have the fast-track sadhana
But all Real Work, according to all the sages
Is done on THIS plane, on this Earth
What the Cabalists call Malkuth: The Bride
For in Samsara and all its sensory insanity
Is found the playground of Understanding: the Garden of Knowledge
Working it out, working through the demons and kleshas
Cultivating compassion, letting go of attachment and anger and ego
Is EASY to do when you are alone with no responsibilities
The Householder Way of Tantrika
Offers far more diversion, distractions, interpersonal connections-
All those things Monks say detracts from the Way
But if the Way is Growth, if the Great Work is Evolving
And becoming a greater manifestation
And helping the world and all upon it to evolve
Then Householder Tantrika offers so very much more
Than a bare cell and free food and endless hours of meditation
All good things!-
However- real suffering and joy comes from real love, pain, growth
Real growth comes from real experience; Real life, interactions
Real victory comes from confronting one’s own kleshas
Real satori comes
From the working through the many mundane tasks of this life
Offering real compassion, letting go of real attachments
Subsuming real demons
Actively becoming one with Guru; Atman
And to do this, raise a family (of any sort)
Care and Nourish the Family Tree
Keep employment, keep up spiritual work
Garden, play, laugh, fight, live
Heal, help, mentor, and commiserate
Fail, fall, get up again; move forward
THIS is true Wisdom Work!
This is really a Great Work
And as the fires of passionate Maya embrace fade
Traditionally the Householder Tantrika
Fades into a meditative place
Becomes something of a Hermit, a Teacher, a Mystic
So even then, in the end
The path of the  ascetic and the Tantrik come together
The difference is this:
Having been fully immersed in the Real World
When I withdraw from it
I carry a True Understanding with me in my heart
How else can I help all attain liberation?
How else can I offer real compassion?
How else can I truly understand
The Light as the Dark fades?
This is the House
This is Home.
Tat Tvam Asi.

Notes on Pagan India- More info:

10:34 am


In my daily twilight practice
I say this
To honor Mother Earth, Gaia; Bhu Devi:

All to you
All from you

Tonight the green growing tendrils of Gaia
Reach up, empower my tired body
Refresh my body, mind, spirit
Remind me
That All comes from Mother Nature
All returns to the Mother
All is pure Spirit- Om
Thus is Shiva Shakti manifest
In everything I do, eat, create, know
It is of the Earth
And the light that infuses all
The Seed Shiva Om
In this way
We are all of the Nurturing of Earth
Pervaded by the life giving Solar Energy
Enrapt and infused by the Stellar Gnosis
And the Sun Moon Fire
Is cradled
Manifested through Gaia

May I walk in gratitude upon the Earth every day
May every breath of her living air be a prayer
May every sight, sound, taste of her flesh and blood
Food and water
Be seen and appreciated as holy Prasad
May my bones and ashes
Return to Her loving embrace at the turning of the wheel
That the offering may be complete

Hail Great Mother Earth
By all your millions of names
Gaia, Pancha Mama, Bhu Devi
All from you
All to you

And thus I end every rite:

Heal the Earth: Rebirth
Heal the Earth: Rebirth

Heal the Earth: Rebirth
10:32 am
Your Life is Your Guru

Welcome to....THIS IS YOUR LIFE!

In sadhana
All contracts- all
Pulls back
And the hands of birth and death
Rest upon my metaphorical shoulders
And I have perspective
This is My Life-
Over the Hill
A picture is taking form;
This/my life
A life of joy and sorrow, gain, loss
Successes but many more mistakes
Alive –a whole-a vast mural near completion
My life begins to emerge as
An Egregore
A numinous being
A Golem of sorts ‘I’ have created
For we truly create our lives from the infinite wellspring of Tao
Or so perceive it as such
Using a palette of karmas and genetic propensity and experience,
A touch of insanity and disaster, smothered in love
Gratitude, work and play and ever the growing spark
Of emerging, evolving consciousness
When actually
None of this is really happening!
It is Maya, the stuff of dreams!
Yet it is ours- maybe the only thing that is ours
This Life.
And this- being
For it is not I
It is my LIFE in total
A Yiddem, an Entity
And it has things to say:
Sitting in meditation
A patchwork of ALL experienced felt thought
Offers darshan
And I bow before this luminous being
I who am but a spirit, a ghost
A non-being
I bow before this amazing Guru
This whole experienced MirrorLife
And I receive something
A shaktipat, a jolt, a knowing
An awakening;
I am not my life
My life is my teacher
But who is being taught?
Not the participant
Not the observer
It is, maybe, a growing flame
Offered to the Guru
The Self Created
The Wisdom Being
OM Hum.

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016
10:02 pm

Garm, Cerebus, Fenris! Nice doggies!

Sitting in meditation today
The growling behind me grew
The snuffling, the whining, the low growls
Shaking the world, shaking my bones
Shaking them out of my flesh
And into the arms of darkness.
My Death paces behind me
In meditation, I can hear his panting
Feel his stare, his sniffing
The curl of lips from teeth
As I age he knows
The deeper I go
The central fact of my death paces behind me
I feel his hot breath
The itch
The irritant
The fear of death
Passes through me= and is gone.
Letting go
I am filled with love
Gratitude and acceptance
Guru Death
Loyal wolf! Devoted hound!
Guru OM.
When you leap upon me I shall turn
And embrace you
Roll in the liminal grasses with you
In play, in love, in exuberant release
It is you who push me to do my Work
To delve and develop
For when this Piece of Art
This life
is done
I must give you of my flesh to eat
In calm equanimity
Or fear and panic-
The choice is mine.
I choose to embrace you hound of Shadow
Wolf of judgment
Canine companion of the Trail Out
Guide me, guard me
Grant me the wisdom
Of the Wolf-eye
The jewel that continues
When the lotus has faded

Om mani padme hum
10:00 pm
Avalokiteshvara or Bust

Reach out and Touch Everyone

I bow before
The One with Infinite hands and arms
Reaching in every direction
All sacred tools and symbols thrust forward
Every mudra, every gesture
Infinite hands reaching out out
Radiant as the sun
With ten thousand rays
And I see this truth.
To truly work for the liberation of all beings
One must Touch all beings
Reach out with love
Blessings, empowerments and Peace
To all beings
To only offer wisdom from the heart and spirit
To select people
Unbalances any adept
But to reach out with billions of hands
Billions of rays of Shakti
To ALL beings
Stabilizes, balances, opens One to All
And this blessing way
Is depicted often in the east;
The Guru Bodhisattva
With thousands of hands outreaching
With the dharma and Buddha Bliss
The Shanti Shakti Rays
The emanation of love-will-OM
And in this way
The temple is cleaned and filled with light
And all I meet are the Guru
And in return
I am open to the blessings of all beings;
For the hands that bless
Receive blessings as well
And this is the way of universal liberation;
Universal connection
So easy
So hard

9:55 pm

Let's just breathe

The breath is the life
Breathing is far more important
Than any occult wisdom or siddha;
Our lifespan is a sacred symphony
Of a 108 Million breaths
The miracle is
To slow the breath
Focus on it
Balance it
This is the greatest of magick.
All Tantrika wisdom is based
On biological truth;
The Body being the temple
That which regulates
Is the Breath
This becomes clear:
The Three Gunas are reflected in
The Three Modes or Fields of Becoming
The three Shaktis of Body;
The Sex-Gut-Chi Energy
The Heart Blood Chi Energy
The Neuro-Synapse Light Energy
Breath and Breathing
Syncs all of these
Modulates every secretion
Every synapse
Every energetic interchange
The organism lives and grown and dies
The Body rises and falls
The Power arises and flows
Dies down and the fire dies out
And in this marvelous dance of incarnation
It is the flow of Breath which infuses and flows all
Like the tides, the seasons, the waves;
Breath in/out is what wraps about them all
Infuses and manifests and balances all
And the attention to breath
To Prana (Spirit)
Is devotion to the Guru
And so is the secret key
To the wisdom of the interior Temple.

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016
8:13 pm
Nothing to Fear, No One to Hate

Empty Targets

I Have no Enemies
I am free from the prison of hate
I Have no Enemies
Not fearing enemies, I am free from anxiety
I Have no Enemies
All I persevere against is myself
All mine;
my demons, my karmas, my ignorance.
I Have no Enemies
Because they, like all, do not exist
Therefore, who should I fear?
Who should I fight?
Who should I curse?
I Have no Enemies
Therefore I can let go of anger
Because there is no one to hate,
No target to shoot
Thus my anger is self destructive
For all such things come back
And alight upon the one who births it.
I Have no Enemies
So I may reclaim my balance, my center-
for without external conflict with ‘other’
The centrifugal force
Of The Inner Light
Wins out- and I may return to balance.
I Have no Enemies
Thus I am free to struggle with others
Or not
Express all emotions towards others
Yell, scream, tantrum and
Recognize the flaws, illnesses, and negativity of others!
Yet I must realize that these things
Are but a mirror-
None can be a greater enemy of myself
than myself
Letting go of the fight that can not be won
I see the way of winning.
I Have no Enemies.
When I am truly clear
now, when I see the truth
I offer only Love
And seek to attain this state
Every moment
Knowing I will likely fail
And try again- but-
I will remember that
I Have no Enemies!
So may I never forget
That there is only
8:10 pm
Kinder Garden

Nemo’s Nursery & P-Patch

In meditation
I will to become a child again-
Becoming a child
An infant
All thought, distraction and false perceptions
Fall away with a wail
Every religion says this clearly
‘Be as children’
Why does this give us the keys to heaven?
Because children are sacred.
In Bali they are divine, angelic
And may not touch the ground for 1 year
When they do, there is a big ritual
Where these divine beings are made welcome
on this mundane earth
And fully embraced as such
By family, tribe and nation-
THIS is the truth- children are pure-
Pure awareness
Pure love
Pure being
Our Work on the inner is to return to this state of being!
This all pervasive non-restrictive consciousness
Our work on the outer
Is to change our world
So that children are venerated, protected
Honored as our Avatars
As our Gurus
And when they touch this earth
We will open to this new consciousness
And we will thus create more aware, loving adults.
We are here for the Children
As we become The Child
This is our great work
For to honor the Child
Is to honor the Guru.


8:06 pm
Pass it On

On and On and On it Goes, Where it Stops...

Every organism
Passes it on
Genes, wisdom, intuition
We pass it on
The amoeba passes it on
The monkey, shark, parrot
The elephant, worm, whale;
All of them pass it on
And with every pass IT changes
Every teacher
Passes it on
Every doctor, priestess, artist
Passes IT on
And with every pass IT changes
The great work we are here to do is simple
Pass IT on
Whatever you create, discover, become
Pass it on
Be the change that is life
Be the wisdom in action
Be the shift, the mutation, the
And so
Illuminate the universe
Knowing that with every pass
IT changes

OM Vidya!
Thursday, May 19th, 2016
9:24 pm
Guru Om #3


You are the One
And the many
You are manifest
And unmanifest
You are the Shadow
And the Light
which pervades
The Shadow
You are the hidden and outward
You are of all the
Three worlds
Sleeping, Awake and Twilight
You are the Eternal Self
And Beyond Self
As ‘I am That’
You are All
Union with All
Leads to You
You are invoked
With every breath
Behind my thought
Is your stillness
All I see
Is pervaded with your
Yours is the very
Heart of truth
You are the Way
You are the True Will
And the attainment
Of the Will
You dance in every creature
Where discord, egotism and fear are
You are Hidden
Where silent joy exists
There you dance!
We miss you
In still emptiness
There you bloom
Like a hidden, white lotus
Eternally blossoming.
You descend
as the Union
Of Shiva and Shakti
For the rain thus generated
Is Amrita.
You pool in my secret center
Open, Shining
A crystal of
Infinite consciousness
Guru OM!
May I listen to
Your silent wisdom
May I receive and drink of
Your Wisdom-Amrita
May I be as open as a
Forsaking the mud and water
That is ever churning
And may I rise into
Your Numinous being
And so
Find peace.
Shanti Shanti Shanti

Guru Om.

(Lopez Island Retreat 5/16)

9:22 pm
Guru OM #2

Om Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah

Amrita drops from Heaven
From the feet of the Guru
Glowing, searing, white lotus
With red / white footprints aflame
Shining Bindu Swirl in the center
Into the crystal white form of Guru
Hand raised to banish fear
Hand lowered in offering boons
Power, joy
Like Baphomet he sits enthroned
Upon the Crown
And from this Celestial Lotus
Pulsing with Brilliance
As HAM-SA breath
Slows and steadies
Drops of sacred water fall
From the lotus-feet of GuRu
Falling through the mind
Through the throat
Into the heart
Pooling as a swirling illumination
Washing away all fear
All delusion, karmas
Cascading down through the body
Making Holy
Making new
Through the belly, the sex, The legs
feeding the Roots
of the Tree
Of the World
Of the Spirit-
Calming, banishing
Ham Sa
Rooted in Truth
The Pure Light
Of the Guru
Pervades All
Leaving certainty of Guidance and

(Lopez Island Retreat 5/16)
9:19 pm
Guru OM #1


When the Eye opens
The Guru is perceived

Self is One with the Guru
And the Guru absorbs the Self
For they are One.
The Guru is the cause of all things- all perceptions
Without the Guru’s guidance
One only sees and knows Samsara- Hell
The Guru is Self
The Guardian Spirit- Atman
Gnosis and Sun beyond sun
Learning is not enough
Becoming, one is free from fear
From shadow

Yet Guru is also the Shadow
The Roots
Ru is that which dispels darkness
Light, Life, Love
Drawing the life-energy up from the Earth
The Alchemy of the Guru is simple
As an Exhalation of breath becomes part of the sky
And our flesh and bones eventually become part of all other matter
And as our blood becomes one with the ocean
So does the Self become one with the Ocean of Bliss
Whose face is that of the Guru
The Guru is the Bornless One
The Invisible One
The Limitless One
The Heavy Teacher
Who is every teacher as THE Teacher
Whose supreme symbol is the divine footprints
Of that which is NOT
The consciousness supreme is not there
Only the prints
For it is ever GOING.
These prints are the Yin and Yang
Red and White
Beingness as ONE
One consciousness, two feet
For NO NAME is the Guru
No Body
No Speech
No Action
When One manifests THIS
One has, like a drop in the ocean
Become One
Become NONE
And only footprints in the sand
Along the sacred river

Guru Om

(Lopez Island Retreat 5/16)
Saturday, May 14th, 2016
4:39 pm
Thunder and Lightning, Very Very Frightening

“If the Thunder don’t Get You then the Lightning Will..”

Once again

From charcoal grey stormy skies

A lightning bolt descends and strikes another friend;

This time- a serious stroke

Last time, another gets cancer

Before that, a friend taken by a brain tumor

Bam. Bam. Bam.

As I sit within the field of life

My friends are dying

My mate is recovering from surgery

I am in great pain;

Bam! Bam!

Life is indeed Lightning and thunder

Of this there is no doubt;

The lightning strikes- this is the Pain, the Shock, the tower shattered

Following is always Thunder

the sorrow, the grieving, the acceptance

In the mythology of many cultures

Lightning and Thunder are twin gods

They are cosmic forces of destruction and intensity

Of Shock and Awe!

Like the SHOCKING Hexagram of the I Ching;

Breaking through, biting through, shocking!

Our ‘world’ is shattered

The tower is struck by a bolt! The ego cracks! Falls!

The eye of illumination, the shock from Heaven cracking the shell, seed, norm

The flash illuminates the transparence of Samsara, of Maya

All that seemed real and stable/ IS NOT

Death, Initiation, Shock, Awakening

- rude and savage, yet powerful- Real.

Before the new plants, the lightning-brushfire

Before consciousness and awareness

The blow of the Guru’s staff on the head!

Wack! Wake UP! All is indeed transitory;

Not in theory!


I meditate upon Vajrasattva-


Maha Kala:

who hold a Vajra (Thunderbolt!) at the heart

Each holds his other hand open

The acceptance and manifestation of the vibration-

Thunderrrrr! Understanding! Awakening!

I meditate on Zeus (‘you're the greatest!”)

Thor and his hammer!

And all the other Thunder Gods (yes Yahweh, you too)

Throwing bolts- Vajras- to earth!


No sunshine or fertile rain blessing this!

Crack- pow! Buildings fall, trees burst, people fry; none are kind

A storm god’s bolts bring Shock- destruction-and awakening

And loud rumbles of power, earthshaking

booming from  the vibrating clouds that support such gods

These transmit the thunder of warning, of sorrow, of divine lessons taught

Before me I see that Lightening & Thunder

In real life

Are Pain and Sorrow

But also

Are Shock and Awakening;

These are the truths of life- we will all die

Horrible things happen to good people

All the time

Karma and causality are pointless abstracts when the lightning strikes

We are left with shock

awareness, acceptance

And a moment of deep primal remembering-

The Truth felt/known/seen At the moment the lightning strikes;

Nothing will ever be the same again

And that is OK

Because it never was

4:36 pm
The Point

You don’t have to have a point to have a point

Everything within my mind and outside of it is chaos

No matter how things are organized

Conception and perception conspire

With the swirling Lila of Maya

To shift the goalposts

Unleash gremlins and wild divergent energies

And control dissolves


As one seeks

To control!

It is utterly paradoxical!

The greater the plan

The more variables occur

The cosmic joke-winds blow stronger

And strange chaos events and synchronicities

Clearly out of the realm of logic

Pick us up like a twister swallowing Dorothy

And away we go!


We seek centeredness! Focus! Clarity!


Good fucking luck!

We seek to let go of illusion, of ego manipulation, of being enslaved by Samsara

We need a little help.

Finding the center is the key, finding the point, the Self, the Atman

The FULCRUM point

The Vanishing Point

The Hadit Point of Unity

Yet, the harder we TRY

The more elusive it is!

The Taoists were RIGHT!

Wei Wu Wei is the only solution;

Nothing doing nothing

Like a ballerina in trance

Like a Kung-fu expert in trance

Like an olympian skier in trance

You got to MOVE IT!

The GOING is what stabilizes the chaos

And- aha- suddenly-there is the center;

Without an ACT, there can be no equilibrium

Without this

There is no CENTER or point

Without this

There is no focus, no form, no attainment of illumination

But the path is never straight!

Like a Tai Chi kata

Arms and legs all flowing

It seems to sway this way and that

Like a balloon in the wind

Or a raft in the currents

Seeming to be off kilter, all over


But always flowing into a unique pattern

A flow of art, awareness, a form that IS not chaos

But which arises, unconsciously, THROUGH chaos

Amidst all this

The Point is naturally found

It arises naturally.

within any dance is a Center

Of Chi, Energy, Gnosis

But until we trance-out- LET GO

Let the Guru take the reins

Go with the Flow of our True Will

We will never find the Center or the Point

Fot it is ever shifting

Ever Changing’

Balance is not static- it is dynamic

And the point is to dance, to ACT

And so naturally generate the place

Where it all meets; the Fulcrum of your Way

And for ‘I’ to not interfere- or

Seek to control

Or lose focus (Squirrel!!!)

Everyone has a Point

But the Center must self-generate by Doing

Seek it and it is never there

Focus on your own Dance

What you Will to DO

Ah! There it is

As it has always been

4:33 pm
Chi Flow

I'll be over there, waitin' over there, Where the river flows

Sitting, where a river meets a pond.

It is said in several holy books

That where two waters meet is always a holy place

Where a stream enters an ocean or a lake

Is where shrines and temples  are built;

So here I sit

Just feeling

Flowing with the current into the larger water

Where water meets water

There is no difference

Where flow meets current

There is union

There is a natural kinesthetic blending

A whirling dance

And in the air

I sense the same flow-join-dance

And suddenly

I and in the middle of the Chi Flow

Fractal swirls of energy dance about me

The currents blend. The winds entwine

Slowly, so slowly

The tectonic plates blend

The vital Chii flow fills me

And as I breathe deeply

I join the flow

Like the tree pollen floating, spinning, swirling about me

As the cries of the water fowl, the gurgle of the stream

The lapping of the lake’s waves

And form a symphony of CVhi

The rhythm of my breath

Like a new woodwing or flute

Joins in the rising symphony of Chi

And I breath away my clouds of negative Chi

All my troubles and attachments

And like the sands on the shore

My being is caressed, dissolved, and dissipated

In the swirling, flowing, dancing Chi


For a short time

I am gone- and the Chi flows about

Where I once was

I am the flow

And Nature is the Greatest Guru

If we but sit

Breathe and be


Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016
11:48 am
But the fool on the hill Sees the sun going down And the eyes in his head See the world going round

A Fool and his Dog

As I sit there is

yapping Yapping Yapping!

As I meditate

There is whining, barking, growling!

The deeper I go

The more the Hound of Ego grumbles, snuffles, growls and yips

This is annoying!

Can’t you just sit quietly?!

Of course not.

And of course everyone has such a hound.

The ego-hound is not bad by nature

Just like most dogs are good by nature

But some become twisted, mean, hostile-

They are abused or neglected or just poorly trained-how sad.

My ego-dog is wonderful, but needs constant training

I guide him, he does not yank me here or there

He does not interrupt

Take things he can’t have

Destroy my garden- but I have to teach him

He is mischievous! But this is his nature.

He does guards me and keeps me safe

He is a loyal companion, but a bit A.D.D.

Everything is NOW, everything is IMPORTANT

And then the moment passes, and he is off on a new trail

Or a scent, or a bone, or LOOK! Another dog!!!

He keeps me grounded, he makes sure that I function

He keeps me from trancing out and forgetting to eat

Or go to work

Or pay bills

Or avoid traffic

Or pay attention to the physical world

I am quite sure

That, in Sadhana bliss

If I were to blithely walk over a cliff

he would bark like mad, tug my leg

And try to keep me alive!

Because if I leave this Body

Who will feed him?Care for him?

So we have an agreement, my ego-dog and I; he is NOT my enemy

That would be counterintuitive- he is my guardian!

My wrestling partner

My challenger- but

He requires constant watchfulness

Or he’ll dig where he shouldn’t

Maybe bite someone- even me

Or destroy things

Or just run amok


With Love and guidance

firm control and

A clear understanding of our roles

Ego-dog is a useful and crucial ally.

As I seek the stars

The eternal light

He keeps me aware of the path ahead

So I don’t walk off



Om Saruma Devi svaha! Woof!

11:42 am
Shine On you Crazy Mani


Om Mani Padme Hum

In the stillness of sitting

I perceive a center

And that which surrounds this center.

And I meditate upon the Gem which is in the center of the Elephant God’s crown

And I meditate upon the glowing jewel-heart of Hanuman

Open, framing the god and goddess

And I meditate upon the Cinntamani or wish-fulfilling gem

The scarlet heart of the Red Goddess which grants all things

And I meditate upon the crystal lineage of Gurus

And I meditate upon the dazzling world- egg, glowing at the dawn of creation

And I meditate upon the glowing jewel-point within every Yantra

An on the crystal tip of Mt Meru where Shiva/Shakti glow

And I meditate upon the shining linga

Within the Yoni of Ma

And I meditate upon the diamond crown chakra

Where the glowing white image of Atman shines

Filling me with atma jyana and truth

And I see my soul spirit  gem

Glowing within me

And I see the flesh-shell of my body as a lotus

Whose petals are always dropping and renewing

Until , like every flower, it fades away

and the gem of KA flies free

And then somewhere the grows a lotus bud

And then another lotus blooms

And within this new opening lotus-body

is this gem- ready to again shine forth

And so I honor the Gem

The Jewel of True Consciousness

That glows in the center of my being

When all else has been peeled away

When All Illusion fades-

And I call it Guru

For it is the eternal teacher

And the eternal light in darkness

And the eternal Self-Center

And the only truth

Om Man Padme Hum

Note: In Gematria (Cabala) Gem = JEM = Yod 10 + He 5 + Mem 50= 55

= DNA (Daleth 4+Nun 50+Aleph 1)

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