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Sunday, November 27th, 2016
7:38 pm


The Spirit is Wings
It is one of the oldest glyphs
For GO-ING- ascending; Moksha, Liberation.
Torii- Shinto Shrine Gates
Date back thousands of years
They represent wings
Opening- the Gate
Of Spirit.
Shamans climb sacred Winged Ladders
Into the beyond.
The Winged Wands of so many traditions
Hovers over us at every initiation
The winged heels of Hermes
speed thought and deed and the crossing over.
The winged solar disc- Hadit
Reveals the mystery of the Self Go-Ing
True Will Manifesting
Helixing as the sun and every star does.
Winges gods go gack to the beginning
In ancient Sumer, Minos, Xian
The Winged Gods and Goddesses show us-
The flight is the goal
The lifting up of our body-mind-spirit-
The Winged serpent, Kundulini
Arising from the Base of our being
Our Root
Up Up Up!
Arising on Wings of Shakti, the doing of Will
The Dragon of Chi Unfolding
The Wings of Rapture
Are the Wings of Isis, Hathor, Maat
Are the Wings of Garuda, Saresvati, Lakshmi
Are the Wings of Angels, Apsara, Devas
Our ancient genetic ancestors arose from the primordial ocean
Scaled and reptilian
Over thousands of years
They exchanged fins for wings
And now the dinosaurs fly about and above us as birds
And have been core to every spiritual system
Since the first birds were painted on Neolithic cave walls
We are evolving from the Dragon Mind, the lower, older mind
So-We arise and evolve and slowly
So slowly
Feather synapses unfolding
Our genetic wings unfurl
And we arise
Into the heavens
Through the Torii
Into Spirit.


Saturday, November 26th, 2016
10:05 pm
The Three Chakra Rock & Roll

The Three That are On and the One that is Three

There is no fixed number of stars
There is no fixed number of Chakras
There is no fixed number of sacred wheels of Shakti,
Vortexes that form and empower all things.
Every spiral opening flower, shell, galaxy
Is a Wheel of Matter/Energy that reflects the actions of the divine
Wheels within wheels! How can there be a fixed number?
Therefore there are an infinite number of Chakras on the human body
Just as there are in the heavens above!
Seven Chakras is just one possibility-consider:
Sir Arthur Avalon brought the 7 chakra system to the esoteric world
Occult orders devoured and taught it
It became scripture, tradition and, finally
New Age fuzzy doctrine.
There is nothing wrong with focusing on 7 chakras- but
There are many many other systems.
There is the 9 Chakra system of Shri Vidya
The Tibetan Buddhist 10 Chakra system
And some Tantrics point to a 4 or 5 or 8 chakra system.
How many different Chakra systems are there?
How many stars are in the sky?
How many centers of Chi are on the human body?
This is the wrong question- here is the right one:
What is it you wish to DO?
What is your WILL?
Traditionally in Tantrika different chakra systems were used for different rituals, gods, siddhas- in other wise
There is NO ‘right’ ‘system’ of chakras.
That would be, well, up to you.
Within the system I use, for the purposes I will,
I use a 3 chakra system in Guru puja
I have found it helps me unite with Atman.
Who knows what you might find it useful for?
It is a primal system, powerful and syncretic in it’s simplicity.
In some Tantras, the connection between the three Gunas,
the three Shaktis and the Three core power centers of the body are described.
However, little is said on the purpose.
I ascribe them to the unity of AUM
To the understanding of the 3 central aspects of the cosmos
And of the Self;
Trimurti unified
Shiva Shakti & Child
Knowledge, Will, Action
Sun, Moon, Fire:
And so on-
It is simple, but endless- give it a spin!


Zone on Body             Gunas              Shaktis                                    Taoist              Thelemic

HEAD - ZONE          Tamas             Knowledge                  Heaven            Nuit

HEART- ZONE         Sattvas                        Will                             Wo/Man          Hadit

BASE – ZONE           Rajas               Action                         Earth               Heru
Friday, November 25th, 2016
4:17 pm
Self reflected in Selves: The Great Work


There is something that cannot be reflected
Yet you can only perceive its reflection.
There is a unity inherent in the center of my being
Which ‘I’ can never see
Just as my eyes can not turn around
And see my face.
The light within speaks
It infuses everything I do and say
I am often blind to it
Ignorant and clouded
And, in the darkest pit
I at times doubt there is a light at all.
Alone, the path of renouncing is easy
But the path of tantrika, magick, gnosis is hard
For to commune with my innermost Self
I need perspective
But alone
I have none.
It is the mirrors about me;
My brothers and sisters in the Art
The adepts I count as friends and loved ones
Who surround me with perspective.
It is in the spirited and real interactions
The flow of conscious and unconscious spirit
The give and take of words and feelings and magick
Between us
That slowly
Bit by bit
Pierces beyond the masks of ego
To reveal the heart of us, and in reflection
The core of Star Self.
In this way I apperceive the truth
Revealed flashes of my Self to myself
Through the loving mirrors
Of those whom I love
And who love me-
for the true mirror is love
and through this love
we share the Spirit and the Gnosis.
This is why magical orders, cabals,
Kulas, covens and Lodges exist;
Working alone, delusions may take root,
However, surrounded by brothers and sisters
Maat and Truth prevails.
The Circle of Mirror-cohorts
Reflects, refracts and focuses the light
Light magnifies and reveals light
Spirit magnifies and reveals spirit;
I know the center only
When I have multiple vectors
I know the Self only
When I see the reflection from many facets
My Self in the eyes of Others.
OM to the blessed circle of Adepts!
My friends, brothers, sisters of the Art
Namaste, I bow to the wisdom of the reality check
The ego check
The WTF check they offer me
Life without love
Is an abyss
Selves offer Self
A prismatic lifeline.
And this is the Great Work.

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016
10:10 pm
“From all Cast Aside, Liberation is Born”

“From all Cast Aside, Liberation is Born”

Shiva, the great Lord,
God the wandering ascetic
Has Nothing
Owns Nothing
Owes Nothing
Cares to have, possess, control – nothing.
His sacred items are all cast offs-
He wears and sits on animal skins
His bracelets and mala are rudraksha beads
Freely falling from trees.
His closest friends are a neck-hugging Naga-Serpent
And a silver bull named Nandi
(Hi Ho! Nandi! And Awayyy!)
He has a discarded water bowl
His trident is recycled metal
His linga is a stone found in nature
(And HIS linga is always right where he is)
He eats out of a skull cup he found in a cremation ground.
He lives on what is given to him by the earth or by friends
His temple is a grove of trees
Or a mountain top
Or a cave
And every ritual he performs
Begins and ends with the body and the natural items
Mother Earth provides for him;
Flowers, food, water, fire, resinous incense.
His sacred herb grows wild
And the clay of the riverbed is there
To fashion a chillum for smoking it
And to freely create whatever else he needs.
He bathes in the sacred river
Mates with Shakti
Plays with his kids
And often dances with the Gana, nature spirits,
Ghosts, devils, ogres, goblins
And whoever else wants to cavort and party.
He is THE DUDE of the Wild Things
Is the Outsider.
What use has he for anything?
A Job? A mansion? War? Trading stocks? Making Apps?
He has everything!
For all he needs has been cast off or ignored by most
He is the God of Garbage
Of castoffs and recycled
For none of it is worth anything in the end.
In the worthless is great worth
Everything cast away is part of the most powerful ritual
The ritual of LETTING GO-
We suffer from a glut of everything
Of stuff, stress, tasks and imagined important goals
But Shiva has it right.
He shows us a way:
Stop and chill (Meditate)
Breathe and focus (Prana Yama)
Stretch and exercise (Yoga)
And live within nature
The natural way of being
the natural rhythm of all life
As much as possible
Let’s Do the Shiva Dance!
Om Namah Shivaya!


“From all Cast Aside, Liberation is Born”
Sunday, November 20th, 2016
9:50 pm

Hold to the Light

The Dark is rising
The hate and fear
Fountaining forth
from the cracks now forming
As the quakes and eruptions and tidal waves
Of paranoia and primate atavistic resurgence
Break the norms of civility and compassion
And I feel the fears and cries and angers
Of the ignored and damaged and cast-asides
The collateral victims of war, the starving, the strange
And I despair, I feel the smog of depression
The thorns of rage and paranoia
But in the circle
While sitting
As the clawing darkness is held at bay
There is peace
Within this peace is the Light
In this place of Atman-Self
There is this whisper
Resonating from my Mind and Heart;
Hold to the Heart
Hold to the Light
Hold to what is True
Hold to what is Right
Let your Star shine forth
In Day and in Night-
And it seems hopeless
It seems like Hell has won
Old evils crawl across our consciousness
Our streets, our schools and homes
The weak are targeted, swastikas appear
Sigils of intolerance and vile hate
And in the gloom I hear within
A calm voice saying:
Hold to the Heart
Hold to the Light
Hold to what is True
Hold to what is Right
Let your Star shine forth
In Day and in Night-
And the Earth below is falling
And the flood of primal panic inundates
Every country, state and town
All the progress we have done seems defeated
And LIES reign upon the throne of reality
In this tainted Kingdom
Where nothing matters but power and greed
The insanity seems complete
And there seems no way out of this dark maze
And it seems the lunatics are in charge
And the Archons have won
As I throw up my hands in horror
I hear a shouted voice within
And with every word
Light emerges from Darkness:

Hold to the Heart
Hold to the Light
Hold to what is True
Hold to what is Right
Let your Star shine forth
In Day and Night

Every Man and Every Woman is a Star
Never forget.

Guru OM
Saturday, November 19th, 2016
7:47 pm


In the Flames of Maat
Amidst the Words of the Sun
I see the Truth
At the Great Ritual of Balancing in the Centerworld:
The Heart is weighed against the Feather of Maat
The Hawk-Headed Solar power illuminates all
Anubis, the Dogstar of life and death Observes,
Tahuti scribes & The Sharp-Toothed Absu waits
And this, it is said, is the Judgement
But it is not-
It is Adjustment, rebalancing.
For the heart is weighed every Day Moment Nanosecond
Against Maat- the Way of All.
This tableau, balance, feather, heart; moment
is the icon of Doing One’s Will
The Heart is the KA
It is the Guru- that which brings Light from Dark
The Guardian Spirit, Daemon, Genius, Angel
The GURU Sits within the heart,
Glowing white, holding up the hands of blessing
Like the KA raises up the hands
Like a crazy diamond vajra-
The Star that is the Being one wills to be
Every moment, every second, every lifetime.
May I tread the Way of Maat
The Te of Tao
The Orbit of my Star
The Way of my Wyrd-
And may I be centered in my Heart, my Ka, my GURU
May I become the Guru
May I manifest as it is in me to do
And so achieve
The balance
Wednesday, November 9th, 2016
8:38 pm
Cross Eyed


In my mind is the universal Cross
I see and feel
The crossroads under a new moon
Where all the forces meet
Coming from the four primal directions
Meeting in unity in the center
About the flame arising
Where all meets.
It is the crossroads of electron trails
Of quark intersections/collisions
Of union/division
So swift in the heart of a star
That only the cross is left glowing -
An after image
This is the place of uniting
Of moment outside time space
The place of deals, pacts, cognitive union
The place where the permeable membrane
Meets and balances
The cross is the Tree
Upon which Odin, Christ, Shiva hang
Each offering suffering
Each getting the gift of Wisdom.
The Mayan temple
The Christian Church
The Hindu, Buddhist, Inca temples
All offer crosses
To remind us
That there is a center when two paths meet
That two paths are always meeting
HereNow is
The crossing.
The only time that matters.
That Cross is a Lotus
That there is s jewel in the center of that lotus
A rose blooming in the center of that Cross
That Cross, in repose
Is the Cube
Within which the Circle of Heaven unites
With the Squareof Earth
The Cross is always centered in the
The center
The heart-
Extending out to infinity
Embracing all
Manifesting a place
Where consciousness manifests;
In my heart;
There is a crossroads, a cross, a center
From this center a lotus opens
A rose
A sunflower
And all the dark clouds part
All the fears and angers and sorrows fade
Like light banishing darkness
before a golden dawn-
And this is awareness
This is the only place
In the center
Of this Cross.
Monday, November 7th, 2016
10:24 pm

The Sacred Heat is the Guru

I entered the lair
Of those who long ago sought me out
and destroyed me-
I was welcomed with open arms
The embrace of Christ
The heavenly blessing of Mary
And the Open Sacred Heart
Bound with thorns.
I see the expanding crown of The Crown
And affirm that the bloody points of Smasara,
the hurtful Brambles of Maya
Surround and protect
The Heart of The Divine
Within all of us.
The Glowing Heart is where the Guru Sits
The White Light of Darkness Banishing OM
The Heart is Bindu point
That contains the whole universe
It is the icon of the Guardian Spirit
The Spark of God
That guides and illuminates us.
And as the sacred host and cup unite
Peace to all!
Just as the point and Circle
The Yin and Yang
The Shiva Shakti unite
Just as the diving light enters us all
As a seed enters the earth
A woman
A Star
And there is something new
A burst of love and peace and fellowship.
This is as familiar
As any prayer, any chant, any clan holding hands
For thousands of years
Where people gather in the name of Peace
The Sacred Heart opens.
This is not my church, my rituals, my dogma
But the sacred heart
The Arms of the Ka-Christ upraised,
the Arising, the Self reborn
Open palms of blessing-
like those of Shiva or Buddha,
The mudra of banishing fear
Fills the sanctuary with light
As Mary offers the open arms lowered
The mudra of giving and opening
And the arms of Christ raised
The Sacred Heart Opening, shining
Again and again, age upon age,
the old symbols emerge- and there is grace.
This is indeed a promise of resurrection
Not after death, not for the few
It is here, now, for all who awaken-eternal indeed!
I open my heart and Forgive
I forgive the burnings, the tortures
I forgive the harpy, the persecutors, the ignorant
I forgive-
And this is …a choice
- and I know peace- because
Though I am alien here
The Sacred Heart of the Cosmos is as old as eternity
This is also my Heart, my Bindu, my Guru;
The home of my Star.
For the lesson is always the same;
Buddha, Shiva, Jesus; all said the same-
Love- Peace; rebirth
Not through this or that thing or dogma or belief-
For the Guru Christ said
The kingdom of God is WITHIN
And this is the hidden Gnosis here-
The Sacred Heart clearly shows the Gate to Heaven
In front of all who can SEE!
Om Shri Guruji Christ
Shanti Shanti Shanti
Peace Peace Peace
Unto you
Unto all
Wednesday, October 19th, 2016
7:00 pm


The spiral flight of a hawk
Upon a brilliant blue sky
The spiral of a seashell
Amidst the sand and waves
The spiral of a sunflower’s seeds
Glittering in the sun
The spiral of a galaxy
Slowly, every so slowly
Pinwheeling in the vastness of space
The spiral swirl
Of a fingerprint
The spiral ferocity
Of a hurricane
Or a whirlpool
The spiraling of our solar system
Of every star
Of every sub-atomic particle
Following that most primal pattern-
The spiral.
The mind of God
The unfolding vibration of the universe
Of creation
Entering within the spiral labyrinth
 it is obvious
There is no two dimensional spiral;
It is a helix
Spiraling AND moving
And it is the core of all we do and are
Our DNA unfolding, moving
The Galaxy unfolding, going
Every flower
In spiral motion
Petals opening
As a child is born
Or a star
Or the awakening inner spark of Awareness
Unfolding within me.

Bright the hawks spiraling flight
Within the azure heavens

6:34 pm


The God Ganesh decided to show up big time
There he is
And he has a message for me:
‘You call on me to remove obstacles
but am I holding a broom?
Take a careful look’
He says
Holding out what is in his hand:
It is an AX
Then I notice
The plaid shirt and jeans
He has manifested in his supreme aspect
As Lumberjack Ganesh
And that is not a for-show ax
It is real, it is sharp and
He knows how to use it
Well, I am the Tree
And he begins to remove my obstacles…
And then again
And over and over
The Ax falls
And he nods and pauses to whipe his sweat
As if to say
‘Never said it would be easy
or painless
or pleasant
He steadies his grip
Hauls off
And splits me from crown to base
Like splitting a log
Right down the middle pillar
Is hacked
There is an explosion of light
A release of miasma and negativity
Until, cleaved
Utterly split
I am silent.
He hoists his ax onto his brawny shoulder
And smiles, saying:
‘The bigger they are…’
‘And by the way’
He says spinning his noose in his other hand
It would be best
To avoid the nooses for a bit
You know
Until the new sapling takes’
And I have nothing to add.

Saturday, October 15th, 2016
10:15 pm
When is a Cock and Egg?


Every human body I inhabit
Is like a coat, a shirt, a robe of flesh
I put one on
And when it is time
I shed it into the great unbecoming- my star
Flying free.
And then
The Light is clothed anew
In a different flesh-
A different incarnation-clothing-
The Star carries on
From life to life
Wearing, shedding
Bodies, sexes, faces, Masks
I have lived and will live as a women
As a men
As an androgyne and a gynander
And every sex-identity-
Again and again, age after age
I experience all variants of X and Y
Just as I try all fruits, all careers, all races
Until shedding and returning again.
We all exist in the realm of Maya to learn
To Experience
To take into ourselves the rainbow of
Sensory awareness, being, knowing-
And through this journey
And the star within expands,
Becomes unique
Spins, grows, blooms, shines
As it’s own jewel within the Lotus of the cosmos
And all stars are XX and XY
And every variant there is
And sex and sexuality, from this viewpoint
Is simply one of many modalities, a kaleidoscope mandala
Ever changing, ever shifting
All aspects of Yin and Yang
The Linga and the Yoni
One exists within the other.
Neither is ever alone or solitary
The eternal dance of XY is woven into the cloth
Of every body-robe we wear,
And this explains this riddle:
Why do some refer to the Shiva Ling as an egg,
rather than the phallus it is?
Because the Phallus IS the Egg, the Ovum
Just as Yang is Yin
and Shiva is Shava without Shakti
Thus X and Y, the entwined serpents of DNA
Are also the pillars framing the Path of the Moon
The Moon Atu depicts the gateway to birth
And rebirth
For it is ever the weaving of X and Y
That offers the new robe-body of rebirth
And every permutation of sexuality is a manifestation Love
And every aspect of Love is divine- of the star within
And None can unite the divided
BUT Love
Om Shanti Shiva Shakti!
Wednesday, October 12th, 2016
10:46 pm


The pain of separation
Has left me battered, bleeding, collapsed and broken
What has happened?
A sunny day, a blue sky- then-
A black crow circling
Landing in my heart
I continued
Lived and worked
Donned my armor
Defended myself from annihilation
But my heart was in the grasp of cruel claws
Stopped, silent, paralyzed
In the grip
Of a darkness
Black and cruel-
I open my mouth
And CAW!
I defend, parry, joust, shield
My tongue was taken
But my heart was in the grip
Of the crow of black
Black feathers flew
Bloody, exhausted, torn and damaged
I pause
And the crow looks into my eyes
the black abyss
The black Shadow
The heart of Saturn, Tamas, Entropy
And I collapse
I cry
For the battle is always lost
If there is a battle
And there is always pain
And there is always regret, horror, rending sadness
When love dies
Like a sparrow
Torn to bits by a murder of crows
And the feelings rush out
Like a punctured artery
And I bleed out black blood
All the tears, sorrow, anguish
Until I am an empty shell
A single crow feather;
And yet
The crow still sits upon my heart-
One of us will leave
Let us see
Whom it will be
Saturday, October 8th, 2016
7:55 pm
White Flame/ Black Flame


She emerges and arises
Winged and incandescent
Pure white beyond white, brilliant
From the other side of Black Flame
Amidst the chaos and tempest
The White Flame
Sending a ripple burst of peace-light
Her single feather crown is glowing white
Gently undulating
With small spark-bursts of lightning
Arising, afloat
Her wings of light hover over us
Suffusing the impending darkness
In Mirror Image
The Black flame reflected
Within the Mirror Gate of shift
Becomes achromatic
And ivory
Then white
Then the light beyond white
Writhing with sparks of life and magick
From the place of eternal beyond
The Night Side
SHE comes in brilliance
Filling us with the Truth
Behind and within the black flame
Is the Light
All becomes clear when truly beheld
All can be seen
On the Other Side of the Reflection;
We seem real
But are illusions
I see newly now-
I see the E S R E V E R
The Other View-
The three energy centers- the three Gunas
No longer their usual colors-
Head, Heart, Sex-root Chakras
All are very different from this perspective
The head guna- Tamas
Is now a crescent moon of mauve-red
The guna of the heart, sattvas
Is now a black sun
Negro Sol
The Triangular Fire center Rajas
Is now seen as a lambant blue flame
Thus the Other Side
Reveals the Other attributions
All is upended- all is versus
All of these She Centers
All are part of the Balancing
HER Omnipresent Equilibrium
Arms Open
Wings Open
White white white
Feather Crown emanating
She Embraces me
The White and Black Flames / Images / Worlds
As one sinks into the other
Now: Neither white nor black:
The Tempest subsides
All is the Calm of pre-creation
From the place of eternal night
From the Other Side
From this side
The stillpoint balance
Lutis Nitra!
Lutis Alba!

-Dark )
Maat Amidst the Tempest w/ Frs H & O
3:45 pm


I enter the Circle
The zonule, the temple, the shrine
I sit in silence
I open
I banish
I let go
I peel away the petals of
To reveal the jewel
This I contemplate
Sing to
Listen to;
The Circle is eternal
And this is Spirit, Magick, Light
And as I enter the Circle now
I realize in a moment
A still
That connects with all Circles stretching into the past
Stretching into the future
And this meditation is every meditation
My ritual is every ritual
My sacred space is every sacred space I’ve ever been in
From the imaginary faerie circles of my childhood
To the future circle of love and bliss
Within which I will die
Every Circle is ONE Circle
Long ago
I chose to enter the Circle as a child;
I knew what I was doing
I was entering the Other World
The Between space
The Land of Spirits and Gods and Goddesses
Of Imagination
The portal to the universe
To my unconscious mind-
The Circles have changed
The gods, goddesses and spirits
Have changed names
But the circle is always the Circle
The Center is always
And here- I can breath
I can shed THIS skin
And exist in Spirit
The Circle is Eternal
It is the Womb of Cosmos
It is the Galaxy, the Abyss, the World
I a Star
Within the Circle of the Star Goddess
And it has always been like this
Once you Enter the Circle
You are ever in the Circle
And it is One Circle
And we who reside there
Are also One
3:22 pm


Thrown from a Heaven
That was a hell
Like the Morningstar aflame
I writhed and fell
Bellowing my pain and rejection
Like the bleeding sacrificial bull
I fell
Into the pit
Only to land amidst arms
Open wide-
Love I’d forgotten
I don't deserve
Within which I abide
In pain, in sorrow
In guilt and fear
In bitterness and anger
With every bloody tear
Releasing the bramble
Letting go of what is ‘mine’
I exist in the abyss of madness
Yet within the divine
Awaiting the nightmare
Yet freedom is mine
In new-growth agony
New wings from shoulders sprout
Movement is free
I shed the always demon doubt
Scarred, bleeding but unfettered
I may finally be me.

Will I survive?
We shall see
If do not
I will still be

-9/16; cast out
2:44 pm


The lights open
Within my body
Flesh pulls back
Like a retreating tide
And the shining brilliance
Of each star within in my being
Glowing like a glowing pearl
or egg or gemstone
In clear water.
Shining out- up
And up and up
Seven stars of the Crown
As a brilliant white lotus
Unfolding, reaching up
And up and up
As I ascend within the waves of light and lightning
And Rays and flashes
And above beyond
I see the Guru
The Great Teacher
The Self- unveiled
All life and joy and ecstasy
Let it fill me!
1:20 pm


Fire, fire
All is fire
I am fire.
The first flame of the Infinite Spirit descending
Light Of God
Leaping as a Ram of solar fire.
This fire
This Qadosh
Fills my legs
My arms, my heart
Igniting, ablaze-
My chest is afire
My head
My sex
Strong and the Immortal fire!
The Angel of Ares
Arises from within the fire filling me
The glowing red sigil

Upon his brow
Eyes dancing with fire
Flame seeping from his smile
Right hand holds the fire,
the spear, staff, vajra
Blinding, brilliant-
His left hand is open
a single flame dances there
THE flame
Offered to me
Like Prometheus
Offering the first fire.
His flaming head shifts,
At times he is a beautiful virile man
Then lion headed
Then he wears the aspect of a Ram-headed God
Khnum aflame
The red angel offers flaming love
As a flaming word
And this Word
Empowers all things
And he speaks in words of flame:

I am the Fire
That sits upon the Throne
And I say- you are the King of your Sphere
The Emperor of your Domain
You are the Hadit Center of your universe
Rule as I do- be sovereign!
Wear the wings of fire
As I do.

Sit as a flame upon the Throne of The Mother Malkuth
Your bride
Center all of Creation
As a glorious Spark
Manifesting WILL
Open, wide, embracing, exalted!
The nimbus of fire about you
The Veil, the Orgone, the Shakti-life-force-
Everything you touch, Name
The fire fills and spills from your mouth
From your touch
From your thought-
Such Naming informs all things
With the fire of Being
Every Neuron aflame, every nerve
Banishing the
Dense darkness
The shadow
Creeping into you-
World, body mind
Is dissolved, banished
Transformed into light!
You are mighty among kings!
You are the keeper of the Scepter and Oriflamme
You are empowered to DO this Will!

Flame, flame
All is flame
Flame is life
In flame, the WORD



NOTE: This vision was the result of a 'pathworking ritual' held at D and Ks temple- blessings to them and the circle
12:06 pm


The words intoned
I sink into a reddish haze
There emerges an angel
Wings spread wide, blond curly hair
Dressed in robes of red
Surrounded by a pool of water
He holds before him/her
Two silver chalices
Slowly, eyes burning into mine
He crosses his arms and holds the chalices together,
Cups facing in different directions
And I see he is forming
The symbol of Pisces
The two chalices of the STAR atu have crossed
United they form this gnosis
And I get it- see it- feel it
But have no words
He gestures and behind him is a cave entrance
I follow and we journey down
Into the bowls of the earth
Rough stonewall of the cavern wet
Darker and darker
Until we emerge at an undersea ocean or lake
It glows red
Like magma
And he enters and bids me do the same
I fear but enter
He dissolves into air and water
And I am left alone
All is swirling shades of red
The water is warm
It now seems it is like blood
Blood of the Earth?
Suddenly I jolt
Something is moving about me
It is two huge fish, the size of whales
But they clearly are fish
And they swim in perfect tandem about me
And as my fear dissipates
I can hear each whisper to me as they slide past
One speaks to me of the light, the work, the yang
The other whispers to me secrets of the dark, the silence, the yin
Together their voices merge and join together
Into a strange and inexplicable gnosis I cannot express
And I let go of pain suffering hate anger
I invoke balance and equanimity as I can
From the deep waters
The cave
I envision the Star Card
The two chalices
The Art Card
The chalices united
And the MOON Card
The place where the path to the Other Side is tread
The two chalices united
The two moons
The howl of letting go


NOTE: This vision was the result of a 'pathworking ritual' held at D and Ks temple- blessings to them and the circle
Monday, October 3rd, 2016
9:14 pm
Lightning Creek

Where the Creek Becomes the Ocean

All my mind dissolves in sparkling sunlight
Flowing in crazy blue rivulets of whispering water
The sand shifts changes as ages seem to pass
Grains move and flow with the many meandering runnels
Like roots or tree branches
They expand and merge with the salt-rimed pebbles
Wave after wave of sibilant obliterating sorrow-no-difference
The waves of Binah lapping across the abyss touch me
And with every breath I expand the veins in my body
The hissing nerves and neurons
The branches of which
Like the branched lightning that cleaves my world
Embodied in
The branched water sweet, arising from the earth
Trickling through rock and forest and grasses here
Between my feet, over sand
Spring fed creek leaps to embrace the ocean
In this union…
This is a place of power
A sacred seat of Shiva
And because no one else is here
I shall become Shiva
Shiva Hum!
And I let all angerpainego flow through me
Tendrils of gentle aura-lightening
Infusing the waters
Flowing into the endless Ocean
As each soul passes into
The great unbecoming
For there is no difference between water and water
All has passed through heaven
And writhed through the depths of the earth
Here they meet
There is no difference
one stone
Amidst the calm waves
Guru OM

Saturday, October 1st, 2016
7:54 pm


The Flowers of Hell
are the flowers of transformation.
The fire of fear
Anxiety, anger, despair, self-destruction;
Are the fires of transformation.
All that is not I AM burns and
Holding on
To the harmful dharmas
Only extends the burning-
For that which is not consumed
Continues to burn
This then is ‘hell’
A pool of burning, smoldering misery
That ‘I’ inhabits.
But in letting GO
Surrendering attachment
ALL is consumed in a blaze of light
A brilliant flash-
The smoke and sparks part-
And One Star In Sight is seen
And the Single Star
Sends a RAY
Into the heart of the being
Into the ashes.
That which is free then ascends
Fire flame rising, moving is Going
Becoming the PHOENIX of rebirth
Letting GO means
Becoming the Fire!
Rising in pure energy from the ashes
No-Thing matters
No-attachment can help
No static state
Can lead to transformation or growth,
To rise as a Phoenix
Is to grow
To grow is to shed the snake skins
To shed the snake skins
Is to create a New Self
Helix the cycle!
To cease doing- growing- changing
is not death but is suffering;
Arise from self appointed hells!
Ride the flames of illusionary ego
Sparks and burn
There is no-thing to lose
All is joy in the becoming
The naked fire enwraps
The embracing of Prakriti
The Shakti-Fire of the universe
Embrace the consuming spirit-fire!
Manifesting as the single star
The spark of creation
Releasing ALL from suffering!
‘All is flame’

Unto the Starfire
Of Nuit
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